Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Finally an answer on the resignation of the former Decatur principal from Arlington ISD.
  • That Super Committee that is in charge of budget cuts (or automatic cuts take effect) proposed yesterday replacing the dollar bill with coins to aid in the process of saving money. Now, they just have to worry about the other 99.9999% of the cuts.
  • An Alabama high school apparently hasn't received the memo that you can't have school sponsored prayers at high school football games. And Fox News thinks this is big news and sneaks "Jesus" into the headline for ultimate impact.
  • Rick Perry struggles on the campaign trail? Has anyone ever seen when a local TV station tries to interview him as he goes to or from an event? I've seen KXAS footage and Fox 4 footage before, and you would think  it was like an assassination attempt based upon the way his handlers scurried him away.
  • And now he says he is against the confederate flag on Texas license place. What's he trying to do? Alienate his base?
  • One of my neighbors has a confederate flag hanging in his garage. I'm sure he's trying to send a "state's right" message.
  • Watching Jeopardy yesterday, I couldn't remember the other name for "adverse witness."  It was "hostile".  And in twenty-five years of practice, I've never heard the word "hostile witness" formally uttered in court. 
  • Of all the money that is donated due to the pink Breast Cancer Awareness month, I wonder what safeguards are in place to get it into the proper hands. Across the country, that is a ton of cash going  through a lot of other hands first. 
  • From the description, that wreck on 1810 yesterday was grizzly. 
  • Should I legally bet on the Cardinals tonight and post a pic of the ticket before the game? 
  • I can't tell you the number of times I yelled "Focus!!" during the softball season.