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Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Hey, how about that fog out there?
  • The murder/suicide in Sashse on Friday was chilling. A woman lost custody of her child in court that  morning and then went home and killed the seven year old child and herself --- all while the cops and the dad waited outside. 
  • One part of that story that needs to be explored is that a jury terminated her parental rights that morning. That's far more than just losing primary custody. 
  • Tired Head prose alert: New York Daily News blurb about St. Louis manager Tony La Russa asking Mavs coach Rick Carlisle for advice on how to beat Rangers: "I asked him about what we do to get an edge in this series and he said, 'Hand the ball to Dirk,' " La Russa said. "I said, 'I can't do that.' He said, 'This is Dallas; I can't be telling the Cardinals how to beat the Rangers.'"
  • Third Grader In The House question: "If the umpire made a mistake and called the player safe, would he still be safe if he went to the umpire and said, 'No, you're wrong. I was out.'" You know, I'm not sure. 
  • Mrs. LL and I walked to a restaurant on Friday evening. That was cool. 
  • There was an acoustic singer at that place a couple of weeks ago who was really good. Nice songs. Nice lyrics. Small crowd. Then, out of nowhere, he sang the lyrics "I want to eat the flesh off your face down to the bone". It was just like The Dan Band had possessed him. (We both looked straight ahead and then slowly turned to each other after about 10 seconds with that "Did I just hear that?" look.)
  • Cowboy fans might want to tap the brakes before they put DeMarco Murray in the Ring Of Honor. (He broke a Cowboy record with 253 yards yesterday.) 
  • Gadhafi's body is now on display in a walk-in freezer at a mall. Feel free to take cell phone pics. (Video.) Sheesh.
  • Paranormal Activity 3 crushed the box office this weekend with $54 million. I'm telling you, that "Bloody Mary" commercial was genius. 
  • Biggest flop ever?: The Big Year (starring Steve Martin, Jack Black and Owen Wilson). After earning a shockingly low $3 million on its opening last week, I couldn't even find it on the chart this weekend. 
  • It's probably unrelated but in the upcoming Steve Jobs biography he said, without elaboration, that singer John Mayer was "out of control" and in danger of "blowing it big time." I suppose Jobs was referring to Mayer's lifestyle instead of his medical care, but Mayer had surgery on his throat over the weekend to remove a growth from his vocal cord.
  • Delicious: Tonight pitcher C.J. Wilson has a chance to stop talking about what a killer life he has and just pitch. He also has the chance to become a punch line if he gets lit up.  Place your bets.
  • A school administrator called the cops on Michael Irvin and had him thrown out of son's football game over the weekend. (Irvin's quotes are almost indecipherable.)
  • Shout out to Tech for its upset of OU over the weekend. (I stayed up to watch it.) 


Bacon said...

Bacon Scale
4.5 out of 5
She is hot. 

3.8 out of 5

Anonymous said...

Irvin--you can take the ______ out of the ghetto, but can't take the ghetto out of the ______.

bigmark said...

Okay who did this write up, so many typo's, or did you not get your coffee this morning ?

wordkyle said...

That La Russa story sounds apocryphal. From what I've read he's not the kind of guy who would ask anyone that kind of question, much less a basketball coach.

Triple Fake... said...

How about if we just put Demarco Murray in the starting lineup? That would be enough for now. The Ring of Honor issue will work itself out later

How did the Third Grader come up with a question that sounds like something only you would think of? The bonus-apple didn't fall far from the tree.
When a player tells an ump he's out after being called safe, then I can say I've seen everything. It'll never happen

I don't know why you think it's so weird that the singer came out with the line "I want to eat the flesh off your face down to the bone". The best cut of meat is next to the bone! Why would you start eating somebody's face off and quit before you got to the good stuff?

Michael Irvin is a graduate of the Jerry Jones School of Indecipherable Soundbites: "Well, I am, and we did, but it isn't...stay-jum...vid-ja board."
You could take that quote from Irvin and imagine Jerry saying it about Jerry Jr during some high-pressure negotiations

Anonymous said...

Did anybody happen to notice that the mother who killed her son and herself after loosing custody had accused the father who was a teacher of sexually molesting the child awhile back? And get this, when the school district at which the father taught started investigating the incident he resigned.

Mmmmmm....innocent people wouldn't resign.

Anonymous said...

9:28, sane people wouldn't murder their children. And the blatherings of a crazy woman are meaningless.

And an innocent dad who was trying to protect his child might very well resign. There's no way to win that battle--once you're accused there is always a stigma attached to your name, even if you are completely innocent.

Anonymous said...

Nice pic today. Nice Butt

HornDog said...

You may want to research further if you are going to voice your opinion. He was cleared of that. Do you really think he would get soul custody of his child if the accusations were true. Freakin idiot.

Anonymous said...


So who got sole custody of the body if he got the soul?

HornDog said...

He got everything. Soul and body.

Arthur said...

Since TLR is a friend of noted media whores Bob Knight and Bill Parcells, I'm not surprised he threw the Rick Carlisle bone to the travelling media circus. Carlisle has the same public persona as those guys so it's not a stretch that he and TLR had a chat at some point on Sunday. A sports reporter will accept almost anything as true if it will help punch up an otherwise dull day.

Anonymous said...

Wreck 'em Tech. I stayed up to watch it too, I gave up on the Rangers that night. I am so proud of the Red Raiders! Now we move on tho the steers in Austin!

Anonymous said...

CJ Wilson is the biggest douche in MLB.

Anonymous said...

looks like the jury was 100 percent right to take away her parental rights, she was obviously very dangerous..

Anonymous said...

Apparently Muslims are not, after all, so concerned about burying their dead immediately. I watched the video, so what other "investigation" needs to go on w/ the body? Autopsy, preserve blood and tissue samples for toxicology tests, and bury the body. No brainer. Why were we so concerned w/ Osama? Why is all of that evidence hidden from the American people?

Anonymous said...

Michael Irvin will always be a train-wreck. Always.

My Other Brother Darryl

Anonymous said...

12:11 It worked out great didn't it?

Anonymous said...

9:43 and 9:56

Frigging idiots yourselves.

Something caused this mother to do what she did. To do what she did instead of giving father full custody says train loads.

There's always 2 sides to a story.

Anonymous said...

2:11 I don't see how the mother's side can be the better side of the story now.

Big Ed

Anonymous said...


Found under the comments of the mother who killed herself and her son.

if you are going to write on someone and make money off a very tragic event you should get the story right instead of defaming her name. Yes it is truly a sad story and how something like this could happen, but she was more than what you write. She was not only a mentor, councilor, but she was my close friend whom I share much in common with her in regards to the situation. A mother could never want her worst nightmare come to reality, a mother never wants to see their child suffer in so much pain when the justice system fails to protect them. She felt alone and felt that "mama bear" was the only one that could stop the suffering and I am not saying it was right in the end but she was at her last resort when all abandoned her in saving her son. You need to know her character to know her and what you write and being told is all wrong. Karen was the most caring, loving, supportive, strongest, and best friend to ever have.

Anonymous said...

4;52 You might be a friend but your friend must have been cruelly insane.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who is trying to take the side of a woman who MURDERED HER OWN CHILD is almost as crazy as she was. There is nothing that can excuse what she did. NOTHING. She committed the worst crime it is possible to commit. And she is certainly paying for it now. It's just a shame that her poor innocent child had to suffer because of her insanity.

Anonymous said...

Glad yal walked, would want you to get a DWI.
In regards to opnions on this blog:
It's not between you and them but them and Him.
Some things are beyond our understanding.
Men to have a way of making women insane.