Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Security at the airport seemed heightened yesterday. There were more TSA agents who were just looking over the crowd instead of engaging in the regular searches and screening. 
  • In the hotel hallway on Saturday night, I saw three guys in suits and Saudi type headwear that I thought was an over the top Halloween outfit. Then they started speaking in Arabic. 
  • That loss on Thursday night for the Rangers could cripple them for decades.  And since I was finally back in talk radio land, I was glad to hear that I wasn't the only one who thought Nelson Cruz dogged it a little bit in trying to get to that ball in the ninth. 
  • Somehow, someway I ended up in a "club" at the Wynn on Sunday night. Oh, my. 
  • A casino should sell tickets just to people watch on Halloween weekend. 
  • Halloween club pics from around DFW over the weekend. 
  • Oddest remark I heard at dinner on Friday night: "You know the one good thing about AIDS?"
  • Why is the Mario Brother costume so popular? Did I miss something? They seemed to be everywhere. 
  • Did you the "flash mob" in the West Village in Dallas this weekend that did the "Thriller" dance? They looked pretty good. (Fox 4 story).
  • I mentioned that George Lopez was at the hotel over the weekend and must have had attendance problems. I got a phone message from him, along with every other guest in the hotel,in the afternoon promoting it. ("Hey, this is George Lopez and I'm in your closet.")
  • Can Tony Romo say anything in a post game interview other than "we just need to work and get better." 
  • Hey, you Decatur fans who were at the Mineral Wells game on Friday and saw one of their players score three TDs in the first half? Texas coach Mack Brown called him on Saturday and offered him a scholarship. 
  • Britney.
  • Odd: Police believe a 10 year old girl who was found dead in Carrolton over the weekend was abducted but there was no trauma on the body.  Edit: Even odder. Now the medical examiner has announced she was stabbed to death. 
  • I lost money betting against TCU and then won it back by betting against Baylor. 
  • On the plane home, I met the mother of the Stanford player who recovered the ball in the end zone against USC this weekend. She had had flown out to Los Angeles for the game. 
  • The Eighth Grader in the House went to a Haunted House last night. It was interesting hearing her describe what she had seen and then figuring out they were re-creation of old movies that, of course, she had never heard of. (The Exorcist and Carrie were a couple.)
  • The girl from The Creepy Couple was in the Miss Washington Teen Pageant a couple of years ago.