Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • We'll see cold fronts many times a year but yesterday's was weird because of the change of strong winds. One second it was blowing 30 mph out of the South and then next it was 30 mph out of the North. Good times.
  • Funniest thing in the Update today: "JUST A TEST – The Decatur Police Department will test the storm sirens at noon today, weather permitting."
  • I was right about the Aransas judge media storm that was going to happen yesterday. And it'll be worse today.
  • And that guy is done as a judge because there is no way he survives this. No way. But he's on paid leave at the moment. 
  • I consider it a life's failure that I've never been placed on paid leave at some point in my life. 
  • And whomever was commenting yesterday about how all Texas gun laws would be trumped by a conflicting federal law is correct. You just have no idea what federal gun possession laws are. 
  • By the way, that guy in Wise County was found guilty yesterday of the gun crime and  the offense of Tampering With Evidence. He faces a ridiculous 25-99 years on the Tampering charge but that's only because (I'm guessing), his punishment range is enhanced for having twice been convicted and sent to the pen before. And he's only 27.
  • The signs behind the set on ESPN's College Game Day are funny.
  • I didn't think it was possible, but I hate small talk more now than I did five years ago. 
  • The more I watch of the GOP presidential hopefuls, the more I'm beginning to think President Obama will win re-election even with the poor economy. 
  • One of the members of the Family Household starts every sentence with, "Guess what . . . . " It's pushing me over the edge. Big time. 
  • I tried to write a bullet point for the "x Greater Than Tebow" meme but I couldn't explain why I thought it was funny. 
  • WBAP's Hal Jay expressed bewilderment this morning upon hearing about the game "Angry Birds."
  • Yesterday I posted the front page of the Denton Record Chronicle about a "theft ring" and today the Update makes reference to the paper and that story. 
  • Twenty years ago today: Bill Clinton was elected President. 
  • Anyone who votes early in the arcane Texas Constitutional Amendment election may actually take their civic duty too seriously. 
  • I was all excited when it was announced that Nancy Grace was going to be on Dancing With The Stars but I haven't watched a second of it.  
  • So what's the story with the Decatur coach's son who injured his knee early in the season? There's a silent auction this week to help out the family, and the kid remains home-bound while he awaits another surgery. That's unusual.