Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • In watching some of the Michael Jackson doctor trial, I'm beginning to believe California has the worst prosecutors in America.
  • WBAP reported the official temperature at Alliance Airport this morning was 25. Someone needs a new temperature gauge. (My only Hal Jay note is that he said he had never heard of the band 38 Special.)
  • Fun stuff yesterday: Google the words "Do a barrel roll."
  • Fox 4's Lauren Pryzbyl this morning on Justin Beiber: "It looks like he rarely says no. He seems to have his hand in everything." Her comment was innocent, and she was oblivious to her co-hosts "oh, my" expression.
  • An actor in one of the worst movies every, Porky's, has committed suicide.
  • Official unemployment number just released: Down to 9%. Advantage: The President.
  • I hope it is not officially stealing to take candy from a kid's Halloween stash. 
  • Fox News Stu Varney must wake up every morning convinced the sky is falling.
  • I went to Sardine's in Fort Worth last summer and now it's closing to turn into an 1980s themed place. More of the Liberally Lean curse?
  • Here's a pic of the mother of the teenage part of the Crazy Couple. Potentially a "Hey, Now."
  • I'm not sure what she was typing, but Mrs. LL spent 20 minutes last night writing out a complaint to a pizza delivery company. I believe there  must have been a serious "toppings issue."
  • I dreamed I was trying to take a flat screen TV in the woods behind my childhood home to watch a Cowboys game. Seems normal. 
  • I don't know what the Felon in Possession/Tampering defendant in Wise County received as a sentence yesterday. No one was talking about it up at the courthouse late yesterday, and it was not in today's Update.  Not exactly To Kill A Mockingbird excitement.
  • Sports: (1) I'm locked into Alabama/LSU this weekend, (2) A Bridgeport girl is playing basketball at St. Edwards University, (3) Decatur girls volleyball won last night as Bridgeport was eliminated, and (4) Bridgeport v. Lake Worth was the Ticket's Big Black Cowboy Computer's Craig Way Memorial High School Game of the Week this Morning. 
  • Video of the Day yesterday: San Francisco guy not pleased with getting a traffic ticket.