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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Man, it's cold!
  • I don't watch the Mavericks on TV, but I did hear that 70 year old color commentator Bob Ortegel was fired right in the middle of the season. "Sometimes you’ve just got to freshen things up and try some different things,” Mark Cuban said. In other words, Ortegel was fired for being old.
  • Ortegel did offer one last bit of Mavericks analysis: “I sincerely believe that if this team stays healthy that they’ve got a chance [to win a championship].” -- Check that. He was fired for being delusional.
  • Wise County government announced it would be closed today. And that announcement came Tuesday afternoon. They've now become the early-closing-entity that has de-throwned Alvord ISD.
  • I'm pretty sure I could walk out the door for an hour when Glee comes on and no one in this house would ever know I'm gone. 
  • But I'll admit I got a little nostalgic when the Glee guys started singing "Silly Love Songs" last night. And then it dawned on me that song is about 35 years old. Holy, cow. I mean, seriously. Holy, cow!!!
  • Are there 80,000 abortions a year in Texas? A Texas Republican lawmaker says so. So what would those people do it it were illegal?
  • I saw on Fox 4 that Dallas road crew had upgraded their preparedness to "Ice Force Two" because they had brought in extra trucks. Good grief. It's like DEFCON.
  • Midget Mexican wrestler in gorilla outfit gets launched. How can you not watch that?
  • The short lived required Arabic language course in Mansfield caused the whole country to go crazy. Man, I'd love to be able to speak Arabic. 
  • A Steve Martin tweet last night: "I am looking at original cue cards written by Francis Scott Key: 'Twilight’s last greaming.'"
  • The way I feel about my dog. (And that was before I took her outside last night to do her business only to have her go into a frenzy and take off chasing a blowing plastic bag down the street. That, of course, meant me chasing her in my sock feet.)
  • Get me this cutest dog in the world!
  • The 2nd Grader in the house will belt out singing "Nationwide is on your side!" on occassion. Somewhere there's an ad man smiling.
  • I got up this morning, misread the clock, went downstairs and plopped in front of the TV to check the weather, and then saw the time: 1:54 a.m.  Beating. 
  • Pete Delkus tweet this morning at around 5:00 a.m.: "snowfall totals will not be as high as i thought yesterday. drier air has moved into the system."  Uh, isn't it your job to predict that "drier air"?
  • Then he fired off another one at 7:13 a.m.: "interesting forecast issues.. the models that have done well all winter screwed this one & the one that has been terrible was dead on." This guy is a snake oil salesman, no? 
  • The State rested yesterday in the No-Body-Murder-Trial in Denton yesterday. Amazing. I'm not saying you can't be convicted if there is no body (although the chances are slime), but this case has three problems: The State hasn't proven she's dead, certainly hasn't proven that if she is dead she was murdered, and they haven't even gotten close to proving that if murdered, it is the defendant who did it. Whoever authorized this prosecution is either incompetent or a publicity hound or, more likely than not, both.  
  • And those are the strongest words I've ever had about a criminal case in my 25 years of practice. 
  • Channel 8 did a story last night on the horse hair thefts in Wise County. If you're a young Boyd girl, you might be featured.
  • Been hearing that due to the Super Bowl crowds and the weather that "blood supplies are dangerously low" so we need to donate. I think that's just a ploy to get us to donate. 
  • WBAP's Mark Davis' Dallas Morning News column is now behind a paywall. I wonder how he feels about no one reading what he writes anymore?
  • There's a little bit of controversy about New York Jets' quarterback Mark Sanchez "dating" a 17 year old. Then someone reminded me that a thirty-something Jerry Seinfeld dated a 17 year old when his sitcom was at its peak. Didn't hurt him a bit.
  • I just remembered there used to be a TV drama called Thirtysomething.
  • A fantastic list of Dallas Cowboys' Dirty Deeds.
  • I feel pretty good about today's Random Thoughts.