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Random Thoughts: Super Bowl Live Edition

  • Christina messed up the National Anthem? Heck, I didn't even catch that.
  • Sneak peek of the halftime dancers.
  • Seems like they'd have to sell a lot of Doritos to recoup the cost of all of those commercials.
  • At Sundance Square this morning, there was a guy walking around in blue carrying a Denver Bronco flag. That's a man who won't be upstaged regardless of dignity. 
  • A shot a Jerry Jones' box showed Cameron Diaz feeding A-Rod popcorn.  This is like Roman Dignitary watching the Christians and the lions. (Screenshot.)
  • The new Sandler/Aniston movie had a commercial showing a shot to the groin. One of the first commercials in the Super Bowl did as well (Pepsi). Idiocracy
  • Something seems weird about this Super Bowl and I think I finally figured it out: Both teams having yellow pants on bugs me. 
  • 3:20 left in 1st: Big Ben throws an interception returned for a TD. Obviously, hanging out at Pete's Dueling Piano Bar should have been a bigger story. #kidding
  • The NFL ignores arrest after arrest but readily flags someone for excessive celebration in the Super Bowl? 
  • The with Joan Rivers made me smile because I just watched her documentary. Otherwise, I'm not sure I would have giggled. (Still power down whenever I see Danica Patrick.)
  • It may take 50 years, but I bet there will be a technology one day that will allow you to virtually walk around the field during live action. I'm serious. 
  • The "Tiny Dancer" Budweiser commercial made me think of Almost Famous. Was that their intent?
  • The Teleflora "You're rack is unreal" ad is the early leader in the clubhouse. 
  • I like the idea of The Ticket's "Fake Jerry Halftime Dance Party" but it's hard to turn down the sound on Fergie. No way Mrs. LL would let me do that anyway. (Praying for podcast later in the week.)
  • I read that the NFC has won the coin flip for 14 straight years. Is that right? 
  • Did I need to be on acid to understand the Coke dragon commercial? (Stolen line.)
  • First shot of the people outside who paid $200 to watch it on TV screens. Look, if I'm young, I understand paying $20 to do that. Maybe $50 if I went with a bunch of friends. But even then I'd feel idiotic. 
  • 21-3 before halftime.  For all of us who didn't spend $1,500 for a ticket, high five! (Uh, or fist bump.)
  • I'm sorry, I really thought the CarMax "I feel like . . . " commercial was funny.
  • I'll admit: I get all of the Woodson defensive backs over the last 10 years confused. 
  • Oops. Not so fast. 21-10 with under a minute left before halftime. It's a million to one chance, but do you think there's a Steeler fan that was walking outside to his car to leave when that happened? 
  • Just saw a tweet saying that Cowboyrita's (sheesh) were priced at $19.00.
  • Halftime verdict on Blackeyed Peas: Despite some audio issues, I thought it was fantastic. 
  • The Mrs. just wanted to watch the halftime show and decided to go to the bathroom when it started. Get some bladder control, woman!
  • Actually listened to a couple minutes of The Ticket's halftime show. I hate to say it, but the Fake Norm with Fake Goose has turned from a funny bit into an unlistenable bit.
  • Break: Had to go look for the dumb Family Cat that hasn't been seen in three hours. Found her. (Ugh.)
  • Now 21-17, Pack, just inside the 3rd Quarter. "I've got a feeling" that the Steelers may roll. (Rimshot.)
  • Isn't it a little tough to pay attention to the commercials? Once I hear that Fox-go-to-break music I immediately power down. 
  • I remember the first time I saw the down, distance, score, and time icon in the corner on Fox. It was an NFL preseason game -- their first I think. Can't imagine not having it now. 
  • Eminem is the most mainstream bad boy we've had in a while. 
  • Third quarter winding down. Not bad. But not exactly riveting. 
  • Total attendance just announced: 103,219. Not a record despite the fact it includes folks outside IN THE RAIN!
  • Re: The catch/no catch at :25 left in the 3rd. You know, that looked like a catch to me. Third and 10 now not converted. That might be a pivotal play. (I just turned into serious sports guy.)
  • The NFL commercial with bits from Sitcoms was great. With a late entry appearance by Cartman to top it off. (And Seinfeld's Newman was a Cowboy fan? I don't remember that.)
  • Now Pack is up 28-17 with the 4th underway after a Steeler fumble. As much as I hated Bill Parcels, he was absolutely right about preaching "hold onto the ball." 
  • Now a Flozell Adams holding penalty. He has remembered he's in Cowboys Stadium. 
  • Wow. Pitt TD with 7:34 left. And going for two. With the option! Golden. I felt like I was watching Nebraska in the 1980s.
  • The Beaver-save-the-guy from the bridge that was out was very cute. What do you call the chest pound and then point move?
  • Now the Packers are driving with 4:00 left. There's more momentum shifts than my multiple personality disorder. Huge drive. And on 3rd and goal and incomplete pass. 2:10 left. Pack up by 6.  Will Steelers come back? I'd be scared to bet. 
  • On the Steelers return, there was a 15 yard personal foul penalty (which was Huge and Stupid) but we never got to see it because of commercials. Edit: Well, we finally did from an awful overhead shot.
  • And then the final drive petered out before it ever got started. A potentially dramatic ending doesn't even get close to happening. 
  • There was nothing odder than Roger Staubach bringing in the Lombardi Trophy. So uncomfortable. And once he reached the stage the mic picked him up saying, "I can hand it to you so I can get out of here, right?" And then he handed it off and scrambled off stage. Strange.
  • Giving the MVP a new car is kind of a slap in the face to the rest of us working stiffs, isn't it?


dcmba said...

Live?!?!?!? OMG! I am turning of the game and writing code to make your site auto-refresh on my computer! Lets do this

Obi said...

I agree....crotch shots: a notch up from potty humor. Idiocracy, indeed.

Anonymous said...

"arrest after arrest" you of all people want those players punished before they are convicted of a crime?

Dcmba said...

Sound down is the BEST way to watch Fergie

Anonymous said...

I thought PRINCE was doing the half time show! what happened?

Anonymous said...

I'm just waiting for Glee!!!!

Amy Lou said...

ESPN Radio reported earlier that hamburgers were $25...

Anonymous said...

Christina was an embarrassment to our State and Nation!!!

Anonymous said...

i thought carmax commercial was funny too!

Anonymous said...

Halftime performance was terrible!

CT said...

Yep, that chick messed up the anthem..geesh. You would think she would've practiced it or something..

and I messed up by posting on the wrong comment earlier.sorry, Barry!

Anonymous said...

You are right Barry....definately a catch at the end of the 3rd.

Obi said...

Christina was AWful.

I think Staubach looked entirely was also as if his patience was being tried? I told the Husband, "He has NO respect for the hoodlums he has to walk amongst right now...look at him! It's painful...don't blame him...." Husband response? "Huh? How do you know? He's carrying the Lombardi trophy..."

Anonymous said...

Why am I not surprised that a massacre of the national anthem would go right over your head.

Halftime show was STUPID.

Glad the Packers won.

Anonymous said...

Christina Aguilera sucks.
Black Eye Peas suck.
Will.I.Am sucks.
Fergie sucks.
Usher sucks.

It's just amazing what passes for entertainment these days.

With all the truly talented performers out there, this is best they could come up with?

Anonymous said...

You fools who think this shit is important need to wake up. Those spoiled brats who you think entertain you are laughing all the way to the bank, and with your money. Concentrate on real life for two or three years and you might actually begin to fix your broken country. My guess is you won't bother and when it all swirls down the toilet bowl you'll act like you weren't party to the whole disaster.

Idiocracy, indeed

Goberry said...

I'm 32 and grew up with an older sister, which means I spent the early 80's watching crap on TV.
Part of that was Kids Incorporated, on which Fergie was a member.
She's "Stacey Ferguson" on the 17-18 second and 58 second to minute mark of this intro.

Anonymous said...

Worst halftime entertainment I can remember.

Anonymous said...

You are the only one I have head that actually LIKED the halftime show. It was horrible. The singing (especially Fergie) was just terrible. It was NOT all sound issues. The robots had bags over their heads cuz they were embarrassed to be part of that. The lighted outfits was more like the opening to the Olympics.

The cast from Glee could have done a better job

Anonymous said...

Although I love college football, I don't really care much about pros. I am a fair-weather Cowboy fan - I admit.

So that may explain this..... When I think of the Steelers, I think of a team in mostly black; they need to wear black. Black uniforms for the Steelers is much more powerful than yellow, white, & a bit of black.

Both teams with yellow pants? Nu-uh; not good. Steelers in yellow pants? How long have they been doing this?

Anonymous said...

Skippy, Priced a bag of Doritos lately?

Anonymous said...

10:29 PM, Is that you Joe "Rage" Biden?

Anonymous said...

I would STILL loooove to have Christina as my Genie in a Bottle and Give Fergie a soft Boom BoomPow!!!!
Daddy likes ohhhhhh Daddy Likes!!!!!

Mr. Mike Honcho said...

Sorry guys, but the Halftime show was GREAT!

What... you were wanting them to trot out a tired old act like Springsteen or something? *yawn*

Its a halftime show. Not the Grammy's.

Anonymous said...

The Chest Bump and Point Salute = a sign of respect

The chest bump and point is a take off of the salute the Roman Army used to salute the Emperor. They usually held a sword in their right hand and struck their left breast area(sword pointing up, of course) then extended their sword towards the Emperor. The modern move is a closed fist, bump the chest and then the point.

Anonymous said...

The Steelers have been wearing yellow/gold pants since 1945. They switched to black helmets from yellow helmets in 1962. Their current "throwback" uniform is a yellow helmet and white pants.

Anonymous said...

Something to remember about the halftime show...

Halftime is limited to 30 minutes for the Super Bowl. The performance starts with an empty football field. All the props and performers have to be placed, the show performed and the field completely cleared in 30 minutes.

Given those restrictions, it's amazing they have a halftime show at all.

Anonymous said...

I liked...

The Go Daddy commercial with Joan Rivers, the CareerBuilder commercial with the guy in the parking lot getting boxed in by 2 cars driven by monkeys, the beaver commercial, the Telefora commercial,(notice how I listed those 2 together), the Best Buy commercial with Ozzy Osbourne/Justin Bieber was funny because Ozzy was being Ozzy, the VW commercial where the Dad remote starts the car on his young Darth Vader was funny, especially for smartass Dad's with smartass kids, the Audi commercial where the 2 "rich guys" broke out of an exclusive prison and the Carmax commercial.

Brandon said...

6:55 - Take a look at, do a search for Terry Bradshaw, Lynn Swann, Franco Harris, etc. The Steelers have always worn yellow pants. They wore white uniforms because Green Bay had uniform choice and they chose green. Since they had the dark unis, Pittsburgh had to wear the white ones.

Anonymous said...

"Now a Flozell Adams holding penalty. He has remembered he's in Cowboys Stadium."

The holding call was on #73, the right guard, not #71, Flozell "The Hotel and owner of a big chunk of Runaway Bay property" Adams. The TV crew focused on Flo during the replay and said the call was on him, but the referee said 73, not 71.

FOX was just waiting for Flo to false start or hold the entire game.

Anonymous said...

The jet fly over before the game confused me too. I was thinking, "Isn't the dome closed?".

Then I thought, they probably showed the fly over on the big screen inside the stadium.

Anonymous said...

The jets were to drown out cristina's sorry ass singing out.Only Roseann has done it worse.