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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Channel 4 and Channel 8 both did preliminary investigations into the seating debacle at the Super Bowl, and the reports are conflicting and all over the place. They'll finally figure it out, but it might take a week or more to do so.
  • Was it really that important to try to set a Super Bowl attendance record? A record that none of us could name a month ago. 
  • The Internet is acting weird this morning. About half of the sites I'm trying to go to won't load. Others pop right up. I haven't seen anything like that in years.
  • The Mavs almost lost to the Cleveland Caviliars last night. Instead, the Cavs set an NBA record by losing 25 in a row. (And 35 or of their last 36.)
  • If you ever saw "The Smartest Guys In The Room" (the documentary about the Enron scandal), you'll remember a scene where some kind of energy traders were making money by the minute during rolling blackouts in California.  I don't understand how or why, but I heard a news report about how wholesale prices were skyrocketing during the Texas intentional blackouts last week. I wonder if we were manipulated?
  • I wonder how the credit card companies haven't buckled under the defaulted debt over the last two years.
  • If the ice and snow come down as predicted, I don't know how schools are not closed both Wednesday and Thursday. 
  • But last week did you notice that ice will melt in 20 degrees in direct sunlight but stay frozen in 40 degrees with shade? 
  • Dogs and cats do one thing all day when not sleeping or eating: They haul arse to explore any sound that they hear in the house. 
  • The No-Body-Murder-Trial in Denton resumed on Monday with the State calling 10 witnesses. Once again, they've got nothing. So far, this is the silliest case I've ever seen. 
  • But one of the comments below the story, in all seriousness, suggested waterboarding the Defendant in order to find out what happened to the alleged victim. When all of our civil rights are gone, we will can blame ignorance like that for allowing it to happen.
  • I think I failed to mention that the two prosecutors in that Denton case recently authored an article about themselves for the Texas Prosecutor publication regarding another high profile murder case they were in charge of. 
  • Is it OK to yell, "Brush your teeth!" because I secretly want to avoid dental bills in the future?
  • I think Dallas will certainly get another Super Bowl, and the debacle of last week makes me even more convinced. The NFL is at the point of saying, "Things were so ridiculously bad because of things you couldn't control that we're going to give you a do over."
  • From the now completed construction between Decatur and Bridgeport, to the current construction between Decatur and Denton, 380 has been torn up for what seems a decade. Maybe more.
  • Ranger Michael Young said last night that he has been "misled and manipulated" and "pushed into a corner" as he demanded a trade. Hey, for $16 million a year over the next three years (what is due him), you can hurt my feelings all you want.