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Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Fox 4 just told me that today will be the "busiest day of the year" at DFW Airport. Any bets that they say the same thing around Thanksgiving?
  • I bet our work day will be a beating. 
  • And there's another winter storm coming in on Tuesday night? They sound pretty sure about that.
  • I've heard several people say that the Decatur Walmart was "insane" on Saturday.
  • The NFL beats me down because of its obvious money grabbing.  Moments after the Super Bowl ended, it was offering a Green Bay T-shirt, cap, and DVD package for $89.99. And that NFL Experience over in Dallas ($30 to get in) sounded like a bunch of junk surrounding an overpriced gift shop.
  • Speaking of, Phil Simms almost attacked Desmond Howard on Saturday due to Howard correctly pointing out that Simms son at the University of Tennessee is one awful quarterback. 
  • How would you have liked to have had to deal with the 400 displaced ticket buyers at the Super Bowl? That would have been one angry crowd.
  • And the story is that 1,250 seats were declared unsafe and that 850 were able to be seated elsewhere. Where in the world did they come up with 850 seats?
  • And that whole seat debacle is still a mystery. The Fire Marshal now says he had nothing to do with the bleacher section being declared unsafe because he only inspects "completed bleachers." So the NFL just decided to "deal with it" on game day? And how in the world were they not completed? 
  • Jerry Jones was no where to be seen after the game. Not a single interview. He had to be running for cover.
  • A jet fly over when it's a domed stadium seems a little silly. 
  • I think if you spend a week cooped up in a house and you don't end up wanting to kill each other, then it's been an outstanding success.
  • Except I wanted to kill the dog when she looked straight at me while she peed on the carpet. Did they teach you that in Puppy School? 
  • Katy Perry "Hey, Now".
  • After every Super Bowl don't you hear people say, "The commercials didn't seem that good this year."
  • It's a strange phenomenon how we get excited over celebrities. I would have thought I'd be disinterested in seeing Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston at Sundance Square, but when I saw them I couldn't take my eyes off of them.
  • The flooding at Bridgeport High School had to be from a broken pipe.
  • Pretty good headlines: A Brett Favre reference in Green Bay and a play on words on an old movie title in Pittsburgh.