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Shuttle Disaster: 25 Years Later

Not sure about the caption, but I had never seen this video before.

Twenty-five years ago today, I was sitting at my desk in law school with KRLD on the radio. The broadcast of the Challenger's launch was going to be broadcast but the station was late getting to it. Once they did, the first words I heard were Christopher Glenn (of Saturday Morning "In The News" fame) say, "Something is definitely wrong here."

I've had people dispute my account*, but I ran to the TV to get the news and none of the networks had cut in yet.  It was the weirdest feeling, in that pre-Internet age, to know that any second I would see a "Breaking News" banner across the screen.
* Some people have said that the launch was broadcast live on the networks. I just don't think that's right. Then again, it's been 25 years.

Edit: It might have been on CNN but I didn't have cable. Was it on ABC, CBS or NBC live?