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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • It takes a couple of years to get "used" to a new President. It just seemed very natural to see Obama deliver the State of the Union speech.
  • I didn't see the Michele Bachmann's Tea Party response (only CNN carried it live) but everyone is talking about how she wasn't looking at the camera.
  • Lots of emergency vehicles by the convenience store in Rhome (which has the Grandy's) this morning. Not sure what's going on. 
  • The "NFL Experience" in downtown Dallas doesn't look particularly entertaining. Even for kids.
  • And there has been a pre-Super Bowl commercial running for a month on The Ticket promoting such "fun things" as "community events, a 5K run, and an essay contest".
  • The Family Pup now wants to get up at 4:00 in the morning for no reason. And I discovered a chewed up sandal in the closet. When I showed it to her for one of those "look what you did" moments, she started chewing it again. I give up. 
  • Watched a probation revocation hearing yesterday in the district court in Decatur where a local guy received 12 years in prison. The whole thing was just hard to watch -- I hate those hearings.
  • But it looks like the guy had his chances but continued to screw up.
  • My free three month subscription to Satellite Radio is over. Am I renewing? Nope. Everything I seemed to like had as many commercials as regular radio. 
  • Turned over from the State of the Union to watch part of my first Mavs game of the season because Blake Griffin was in town. I didn't last long. How you guys can watch the NBA is beyond me.
  • The judge in the trial of Michael Jackson's doctor is considering televising the trial. The chances of him allowing it are equal to the size of his ego.
  • Video: Handcuffed guy jumps out of back seat of cop car going down highway.
  • There's a strange murder trial going on in Denton where the body of the missing "victim" hasn't even been discovered. Through day one of the trial, there seems to be suspicions that the defendant killed her but the prosecution is miles from proving it beyond a reasonable doubt.
  • And when the prosecutor tells the jury in opening statements that the Defendant "killed his wife", my initial reaction is one of "I'm not sure you have any way of knowing that."
  • Edit: Commentors are confused about Corpus Delicti vs. Habeas Corpus. And can you be successfully prosecuted in Texas if the body hasn't been found. Yes, if the defendant has confessed. I haven't heard anything about a confession in the Denton case. 
  • What's this weird deal of the Fox 4 news anchors walking to different areas of the set?
  • The Update has a blurb about the proposed State of Texas budget cutting local library funding by 99% and requesting protest letters on behalf of the Decatur Public Library. But it doesn't tell us how much of the library's total budget comes from the State.