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Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • I really like the Old Spice commercial with the black guy saying, "Ladies, look at your man. Now look at me. Now back to him. Now back at me." And it ends with "I'm on a horse." Funny.
  • I wonder what it is like for an Olympian to spend years training for an event that is decided in five minutes, three minutes, or even less?
  • Has there ever been a male figure skater who was not effeminate? But the brother/sister combos can be uncomfortable.
  • I'll grow tiresome of doing the Random Thoughts one day.
  • One reason America is insane: In civil cases (where someone is after money), the lawyers of either side have the right to force a witness to sit down prior to trial and testify before a court reporter (that's a deposition). In criminal cases, where someone's freedom is at stake, you don't have that right. Priorities = Fail. Edit: To commenter Jason -- I'm not sure where you practice, but I've seen only two Motions to Take Depositions granted in a criminal case in 17 years of practice hear in Wise County.
  • Bob Costas at the Olympics every night: "That's a look at the medal count, presented by McDonald's." Ugh.
  • Drug War Fail: It took 16 cops to execute an arrest warrant last night in Fort Worth with two of the cops getting shot. (They are fine.)
  • I'm not sure who she is or what the newsy-looking website is about, but this gal keeps writing articles about Wise County. (The most recent one about the City of Bridgeport.)
  • The Kay Bailey commercial that starts out, "Maybe you like us both" always makes me want to reply, "Why would you think that?"
  • Heard there was a one day DWI trial in the Wise County Court at Law yesterday that ended with a guilty verdict. The only thing I know about it is that it started with the defendant running a red light in Decatur -- never a good start.
  • Sports Note: There is a crazy amount of talk of the Big Ten or Pac 10 taking two or three teams from the Big 12. And it sounds serious.
  • I bet the guy that flew the plane into the IRS building will become a martyr in some circles.
  • A crazy T.O. on-the-runway pic from Fashion Week.
  • There a few documentary fans out there, but I'm one of them. And the voice of Peter Coyote can be heard on so many of them these days.
  • Wanna know what the girl behind the voice of the Geico pothole looks like?