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Official Tiger Woods "Press Conference" Betting Line

Edit: I listened to it at 10:00 a.m. and it was pretty good. Really good, in fact. Took all the blame. Said he was "selfish" and "irresponsible." He said he was sorry A LOT. One detail: He said his wife in no way injured him on the night of his car wreck or at any other time. "I brought this shame on myself. I hurt my wife, my kids, my mother . . . . " He also said he has been in rehab (didn't say "sex rehab") for 45 days with "a long way to go." He denied performance enhancing drugs (a rumor) and sounded mad about that. He also chastised the media for pursing his wife and kids to try and obtain photos. A small wow: He said he was raised a Buddhist and practiced it until he drifted it away from it several years ago --- "many may not realize that." "I plan to return to golf one day I just don't know when." Odds (really) the following will be said: 7/2 I regret the hurt I’ve caused 5/1 Thank my family 5/1 I’m sorry 6/1 Time to reflect 10/1 Return to golf 12/1 Appeal for privacy 12/1 Getting back on the course 12/1 Thank God 14/1 Thanks to my sponsors who have stuck by me 14/1 The Masters 16/1 Doing what I do best 16/1 Look to my family and God for forgiveness 20/1 Thank IMG for all their support 20/1 I am now just looking to the future 20/1 Time for change 25/1 We all need to move on 25/1 We’ve all made mistakes 33/1 I love Elin very much 66/1 Sex addiction 80/1 I just want to get back out on the course and concentrate on scoring birdies 80/1 Hate the sin, love the sinner 80/1 OK I admit it looks bad, but… 100/1 Jack Nicklaus 100/1 I’ve lost count how many 100/1 Get in the hole 100/1 I got a few too many birdies 100/1 Gentlemen do prefer blondes 100/1 They tried to make me go rehab 200/1 Thank God for John Terry 200/1 I’m not as bad as Ashley 200/1 I am retiring from professional golf 250/1 My tiger is back in it’s cage 250/1 My tiger has been tamed 250/1 At least I didn’t pay 500/1 I did not have sexual relations with that woman How many times will Tiger say “sorry”? 16/1 None 5/2 One 9/4 Two 7/2 Three 9/2 Four 5/1 Five 7/2 Six or more