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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • I'll give credit to the Denton County lady who was kidnapped last week and driven to New Mexico. She's so thankful to be alive that she doesn't have the slightest desire to give a TV interview. 
  • I was disappointed with the MNF game in Minnesota last night. It was cold but with very little snow.
  • The only thing more annoying than Brett Favre being a Drama Queen (he went from "out" to "starting" last night -- something that has happened only 20 of 4,633 times since 2001) is Jon Gruden's fawning over him. Sheesh, get a room. 
  • I've got a timer on my Christmas lights which may be the greatest invention in the history or ever. 
  • I've said for years that picking out one single day to argue "for" or "against" global warming is dumb. (Global warming concerns an increase in the average temperature by 1 degree for every hundred years.)  So yesterday the Limbaugh followers around here were suggesting Al Gore flip the coin at the Minnesota game last night since it was being played in single digit temperatures. And they did so as North Texas set a temperature record for December 20th. Idiocracy.
  • The Baylor women played in front of 10,000 in Waco last week, but the box score from their game at Clemson last night shows attendance of 335. I presume school is out at Clemson. Edit: Ooops. The game was played somewhere in the Bahamas (for some crazy reason.)
  • TCU's baseball team leads off at #1 in the nation according to the "Collegiate Baseball's" preseason poll. (Whoever they are.) 
  • I woke Mrs. LL up for a hair appointment this morning only to be informed that it is scheduled for this afternoon. And then she laughed. 
  • Funny Sarah Palin interview, due to what is in the background, about killing animals.
  • I've seen pics this morning of the lunar eclipse. Meh. 
  • I never have a fun or pleasant dream, and I dream every night. It's always some crisis that typically deals with running late. Seriously, the number of times I've woken up and thought, "Thank goodness it was only a dream" is staggering. 
  • Remember to gather the family around the TV tonight for an important Christmas tradition: It's the Beef 'O' Brady's Bowl
  • Every news story about airport temporary shut down has to include an interview with one passenger who is very angry followed by another interview with someone who has a "what are you going to do?" attitude. (But did you see that Colorado is expected to get eight feet of snow over the next couple of days.)
  • I looked at that University of Minnesota webcam (below) several times yesterday. I don't know why I think stuff like that is so cool. 
  • Weird: Fox 4 ran a big story last night of a missing 13 year old girl and then she shows up this morning on her family's doorstep.