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Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • People are driving like nuts these days -- especially people just drifting into my lane.
  • Last night I dreamed I was late to a court hearing and late to help out a friend who was running laps around a pool. Weird. 
  • Still struggling with an irritating sickness. It's not a big deal, but I just have to keep Advil Cold & Sinus on hand or I'm doomed. It's the only thing that's ever worked, and I've bought enough of it over the years to have a pretty good size meth lab going. 
  • Jon Stewart dedicated a show to 9/11 rescue workers who were seeking compensation for their injuries after a bill providing that coverage had languished in Congress for years. Call me skeptical, but everyone sure does assume that every single health problem those guys have are directly attributable to 9/11 smoke, dust and debris.
  • Then less than a week after that show, the bill passed Congress yesterday with the House voting at the last minute for the bill, 206-60. (Notice that's barely half of the 435 members present.)
  • I woke up before 5:00 feeling like I had been shot with caffeine.
  • The Jet's Coach Foot Fetish Controversy that I led with yesterday is a major story on the Today Show this morning. That's why I'm the most trusted news source west of the Decatur square and east of McDonalds.
  • As Gordon Keith wrote last week, there really are two Christmases most Americans acknowledge - the commercial one and the religious one. And they are completely separate.
  • Told Mrs. LL we should skip lunch today and have a late breakfast at the Paris Coffee Shop. She had never heard of it. Then again, that menu doesn't look too healthy.
  • Update on Mrs. LL's wrists: Surgery is a coming. (There sure were a lot of Worker's Comp hoops to jump through in order to get there.) 
  • When our Sheriff's office released the book-in photo of the "Chico Flasher" yesterday, it instantly became news to the metroplex television stations and newspapers.
  • Funny moment on the national Fox and Friends show this morning when they were doing a story about a guy that drove onto President Bush's front lawn last night. "And the guy that did that was Saul Garza . . . . " as they screwed up the transition to local Fox 4 reporter Saul Garza for a live spot. But they all laughed about the error once they caught it. 
  • Our office is closed, yet I'm here for you.