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Fox 4 Weatherman Ron Jackson: Then and Now

(Another Facebook discovery.)

But this isn't near as great as the Shaun Rabb discovery.


CT said...

1986: Studebaker's, Dallas.
Ron Jackson's line every night: "Are we having fun yet?"
Me: "No, dude--you are drinking, I am WORKING."

Thank God I graduated college and got a real job..

Anonymous said...

We're Drugs or Alcohol involved?

Anonymous said...

He's that crazy kid from my classic movie "Christine."

DF John Carpenter

Anonymous said...

He got to looking better as he got older. That happens with many.

Anonymous said...

dont let this guy fool you, Many women can attest to the fact that he is a user, very selfish and self centered,VERY IMMATURE, A SKILLED LIAR AND MANY OTHER NEGATIVES.TRUTH ALWAYS COMES OUT AND IT WILL WITH THIS GUY TOO!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous when did you post these comments ? Can't determine the date .