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My Christmas Gift

Since I'm a known Wise County high roller, I'm always getting emails of people trying to separate me from my billions. But I was scratching my head on this one trying to figure out what the heck I was being offered. (Click to enlarge).

Am I being offered to rent one of those planes for the number of "hours left?"  If so, I'd appreciate you readers pooling your money and getting me that Gulfstream for 25 hours. Sweet. And a new Pimp Daddy suit would be a nice stocking stuffer as well.

Come on. I've given you hours of entertainment and the only thing I ask for is a little quarter of a million dollar token of your appreciation.


Anonymous said...

In your dreams buddy.

Hey, I just thought about something. Wonder if you could find a horse and buggy ride to take your sweety on tonight. Something with a Christmas spin to it.

Anonymous said...

They are just offering you a partial share of a plane. You have that many hours left of use.

Anonymous said...


I'd pass on the Payne Stewart package if I were you.

Just sayin'

Anonymous said...

Entertainment? yes,'s a huge amount of time-waste entertainment - reading comments from knuckleheads and limited intellect racists. So, put me down for a couple bucks!

You can't pull off a pimp daddy look. Save it for Halloween

Anonymous said...

You are worth whatever package you choose! In entertainment value.

Yet, my 401 hasn't totally recovered and I take care of me first buddy, but know that I would like to help.