Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • An officer was struck by a drunk driver in Garland over the weekend. I swear that's the fourth or fifth time that's happened this year.
  • Had three boys show up at the door yesterday asking if the 7th grader was home. Say what?
  • I'm a fan on the Sunday afternoon nap.
  • There's was a guy in an armed standoff with cops at a downtown Dallas restaurant this morning. It got even odder when it was learned that it was the same guy that stole a cop car while handcuffed last week..
  • The doctor that delivered me, Dr. Huddleston in Bridgeport, died over the weekend.  I remember that he even made a house call for me when I hit my noggin' on a brick wall on Christmas Day. 
  • Made the misses watch Boogie Nights last night. I'd forgotten how shocking that thing is.
  • Dan Godwin is one awkward anchor man when he fills in on Fox 4.
  • I think it would be pretty hard to get hit by a car on 287 like that lady did in Rhome this weekend. 
  • Saw parts of I Love You, Man over the weekend. Pretty funny. 
  • Also saw some of Michael Moore's Capitalism: A Love Story. It was really good as well but I hate it when he does bits like trying to make a citizens arrest or, as in earlier documentaries, reads the Patriot Act over a loudspeaker around Washington or takes a boat of people to Guantanamo Bay to get health care. 
  • So we've had the 70s, 80s, 90s, etc. but what are we going to call the decade that is coming to a close. (Or did it come to a close last year?)  I just don't think "the Aughts" will catch on. 
  • Video that keeps popping up over the last few days: U of Hawaii's band forming a stick figured football player who then kicks a ball.
  • I didn't turn on the Cowboy game yesterday, but I did hear they have given up 30 or more points for four straight games -- something they haven't done since they went 1-15. 
  • And another.
  • Megan Fox wore a bikini yesterday but I was distracted by the writing on the side of her rib cage.
  • I'm going to kill the Family Cat. What exactly is the purpose of that thing?
  • A Methodist Church bus from Denton wrecked in the mountains of Colorado this weekend as it was carrying a group for a ski trip. One 11 year old girl was seriously injured. Why's a church involved in a ski trip anyway? Especially the week before Christmas.
  • There was a story in the Star-Telegram this weekend about Tarrant County government, bonds, and the Doctor's Hospital in Bridgeport. I'd comment if I could understand a single word of it.