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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • NY Jets coach and wife in a foot fetish dating site"scandal" complete with homemade video? I feel pretty, pretty normal right now.  (Follow the Deadspin link within the story for full over-the-top coverage.)
  • With all the promiscuity on TV, how in the world did the U.S. teenage birth rate reach a "record low" last year (meaning the lowest rate in 70 years of record keeping)? Amazing.
  • I refuse to acknowledged the Dallas Mavericks. You guys go ahead and get sucked in. You have been warned (again and again and again.)
  • Bad text from the Mrs. LL: "The bottom of the car sounds like it's about to fall off."
  • USA Today releases its college football coach salary database. And to think Florida's Urban Meyer resigned because of "stress". Man, I could put up with a lot of stress for that bag of cash. 
  • I also dream about my teeth falling out. 
  • The alleged "Chico Flasher" has been caught. Hey should have gone with the more traditional foot fetish. Edit: Photo.
  • Still on my Most Irritating List: George Lopez, Rudy Giuliani, Ann Curry, Peanuts cartoon strip, every host of Fox and Friends.
  • People who I know personally and really don't like don't know that I don't like them. Make sense?
  • Jogged by some kid yesterday who asked, "What's your name?" I just asked back, "What's yours?" and didn't wait for an answer. 
  • I've got a headache and sore throat this morning. Please, please, please don't get worse.
  • I see quite a few people mention that they "have two weeks off." What kind of job gives you two weeks off for Christmas?
  • That male coach for the can't-be-beat-UConn-women's-team is extremely cocky, but for some reason I think I like him.
  • I kind of want to take the Misses somewhere tonight to at least feel Christmasy. Downtown Fort Worth? Gaylord Texan? Southlake Square? Tater Junction?
  • Hands down, WBAP's Mark Davis has the nerdiest picture on Twitter.
  • Yay for cooler weather. Boo for 70% chance of rain on Friday. But at least we aren't in Southern California which might slide off into the ocean today due to a torrential downpour. 
  • A must read Wheels Off story about a couple in Denton. Trust me, just when you think the guy was crazy . . . .