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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • One odd adjustment to this marriage gig with kids? Having to be careful with what I watch on TV. I'll record Entourage, Hard Knocks, and other HBO type stuff and used to fire it up any time I wanted. No more. Offended little ears and a mad mother are no way to go through life, son. 
  • One in five U.S. adults smoke? I don't believe that for a moment.
  • 5K fun runs used to be the norm but now they are tricking them up with obstacles. They had one in Bridgeport a few months back and this one in Roanoke this weekend sounds kind of fun.
  • The Rangers are only in first place because they are (1) amazingly in a four team division and (2) the other three teams couldn't beat Chico.
  • I'm guessing it's just an online mistake, but the Messenger's PDF paper this morning has two page 5s and no page 6 (which is where all the Editorial/Letters are carried over to.) But I might pick up a hard copy to see if that mistake actually occurred there as well.
  • Have my number of postings slowed down? Yeah. Has the quality, too? Yeah. Don't worry. I'm committed to silliness. 
  • I've heard about the Florida church that plans on holding the "Burn The Quran" this Saturday but have refused to post anything about it. It's so stupid that even I won't be sucked in. At least until now.
  • Mrs. LL said she was almost blow off 287 in Rhome during the "tornado warning" yesterday.
  • I fear the hydroplaning. 
  • There was a picture of Hooter Girls taken over the weekend at a charity golf tournament, but something seems to stick out.
  • Speaking of the Messenger, I like the concept of having the writers and editors do a sports "pick em" grid like the Dallas Morning News (and most big papers) does. But they picked only four college games this week and one of them is Wyoming v. Texas. But - get this - they don't use a point spread. Really? You boys going out on a limb by all picking Texas straight up?
  • For you delusional folks that think we invaded Iraq "to liberate those people", why do we sit back and allow this to go on?
  • We've named our new dog "Precious" after (don't tell the kids) the dog from Silence of the Lambs. I'll be coaxing her to get in the basket if she keeps whining.
  • Saw a piece on Fox 4 where the Dallas County DA paraded a group of prosecutors, victims and exoneree in front of the Commissioners' Court to persuade them not to cut his budget like every other department. It worked.  He's shameless, no scholar, not much of a lawyer, but a heck of a politician. His plan worked.
  • I purchased the NFL Red Zone for the year. Unlike the crazily expensive Sunday Ticket (which allows you to see every NFL game), the Red Zone cost $5 a month.
  • Lake Bridgeport water level.  The rain hasn't had the immediate impact that you would think, but it'll continue to rise for a couple of days
  • Lingerie football pics in a Star Telegram sister site?