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Belated Monday Morning Random Labor Day Thoughts

  • I installed three ceiling fans this weekend. The first one took about eight hours. The second one about 45 minutes.
  • I now understand the term "learning curve." 
  • Never before have I cared so much about the difference between a #8 and a #10 screw.
  • I also had to buy a "screw extractor" and a "T wrench". That should tel you I was beaten down to no end. 
  • Home Depot should make me honorary Chairman of the the Board based upon the amount of money, and the insane number of trips, that I allocated to the company this weekend.
  • I jogged in the morning all three weekend days. Fantastic.
  • My post jog this morning involved the oldest stepdaughter (hate that term) riding her bike with me. What a great experience.
  • TCU did well.
  • I could have sworn I heard the Texas Tech crowd chant "BOR-ING" after the Raiders first offensive series.
  • They might run a silly hurry up offense, and they'll miss Mike Leach, but the offense is not boring.
  • Oklahoma looked unenthused. As did the Evil Empire.
  • For the first time in years I dressed casually last Friday. Then my assistant reminded me I had two court appearances (which I swore weren't on my calender but were). I ran home and changed into a suit. Beating. 
  • I'm waiting for a toy dog to arrive at the house as a new member. He's from Oklahoma. I'm plan on reminding this very Empire friendly house about that every day.
  • Remember the fight between the young guy and the old guy at the U.S. Open I posted the Friday? Now there's audio. (Language warning. Big. Time.)
  • Guy gets hit in the head with a foul ball during batting practice. The Zapruder film quality begins at the 30 second mark. Ouch. 
  • Ugh. Saw a news story of  six month old being killed in a crash on I-35 just north of Hillsboro. Why does it seem even more horrible when you know the stretch of highway?
  • I just woke up from a nap and feel like Otis from the Andy Griffith Show after a bender. 
  • The Deutsche Bank golf tournament was on TV this weekend. I just love being able to pronounce it: Doy-cha Bank. By the way, that outfit was one of the biggest suckers of credit default swaps during the last-big-economic-crisis.