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Football Saturday Mind Bursts

  • Jogged early. Humid and hot. Hate that.
  • A cold front would have been perfect for today.
  • Walked my new little Yorkie around the block. Pretty cute. Pretty funny. 
  • Then she chewed through one of my computer lines. Not funny. 
  • Trying to catch as much as I can of Texas v. Wyoming (over in the first quarter) and Oklahoma v. Florida State (might be pretty good.) Baylor is actually on an obscure cable channel if you can find it at 6:00 pm.
  • Watching Florida trail USF at the moment. (Just looked up and saw that.)
  • Chris Berman has a mustache!!! Now he's as visually offensive as he is audibly.
  • Texas Southern has a football team? Kinda.
  • Just saw the Rangers used 11 pitchers last night --- a Major League record. That also means 11 game stoppages for warm ups. Baseball is a beating. 
  • Lady kills house stalker.