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Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • has finally weighed in on whether the Michelle Obama and two ladies photo I posted the other day is in fact accurate. Nope, photo-shopped. 
  • The NFL game last night seemed to have a lot of "super slow motion" replays that were, uh, awesome.
  • The crazy Florida Koran burning pastor said he was going to cancel the burning after he said he had struck a deal through through a mediator for the Ground Zero Mosque to be moved. The mediator says that's not true. I believe the Muslims.
  • Long road trip: The University of Hawaii plays Army at West Point this weekend.
  • Helping with math homework turns into my own homework in Practicing Patience 101. 
  • As will listening to and endless number of jokes from a second grade level joke book. (What does a Gorilla learn in school? His Ape-B-Cs.)
  • That was a heck of a gas line explosion that damaged or destroyed 170 homes last night in California.
  • President Obama says he will keep W's Tax Cuts except for those making over $200,000.  Those that disagree with him, please raise your hands.
  • The Wise County law enforcement's target of the Malone clan turned out to be a big bag of nothing.
  • The Saints and Vikings players started the game last night by holding up one finger as a sign of solidarity for the upcoming collective bargaining negotiations. Enjoy your NFL now because you're not going to be seeing it this time next year.
  • Start your day off by watching a monkey ride a pig. It's actually funny.
  • Miles Austin gets paid yesterday with $17 million guaranteed. Man, Jerry is paying a lot to the receiving corp that has yet to be proven: Dez Bryant (not a played a down), Roy Williams (spare), Austin (one year wonder?).
  • Wrong way driver on Stemmons Freeway last night which led to a crash (but no death). I fear the wrong way driver. I guess you should head to the opposite shoulder and slow to a crawl?