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Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Yeah, it's kind of cool to watch the local news helicopter track down small tornadoes, but I wouldn't want to be flying it. 
  • Car chases and tornadoes: The two things that would preempt coverage of the Second Coming.
  • Channel 8's Pete Delkus' favorite saying: "A tornado could literally form at any moment."
  • "I don't care about cute boys - I care about that math grade!" -- A phrase I uttered last night that I didn't think I'd ever say. 
  • I think people are grumpier now more than ever. 
  • Heidi Montag in a bikini just to pull you out of your grumpiness.
  • Weird case at Trophy Club's Byron Nelson High School. Kid's dad gets shot over weekend, kid goes to school on Tuesday, school accuse him of smoking dope, suspend him and put him in that goof alternative school program, mom provides kid's clean drug test, school keeps suspension intact.
  • I like the fact that the NFL is starting tonight, then I'll end up watching only about five minutes of it. (NFL Factoid: On average, six of the twelve teams that made the playoffs the year before won't make it the following year. Breaking non-news: Pat's QB Tom Brady was in a pretty bad car wreck this morning but was not hurt -- edit: now with photo.) 
  • If I approach an intersection and it looks like I'll arrive at the exact same time as another car, I'll intentional slow down so there won't be any question who arrived first. Then I want to pull my hair out as the other driver won't go.
  • It's funny that the "burn the Koran" pastor is portrayed as a nut case, rouge rogue Christian who doesn't represent Christian beliefs, but a group of nutcase 9/11 terrorists Muslims leads most people to question the entire religion. 
  • If I went to a Gold and Silver exchange, I guarantee I'd walk away feeling ripped off.
  • Saw Meghan McCain on TV this morning. Her qualifications to say anything are . . . .? (But she's kind of hot.)
  • Two SFA players simultaneously faked an injury against A&M to slow down the Aggie offense. Evidence.
  • The lead item in the Update today uses the term "methamphetamines." Drives me crazy. It's not plural. That would be like "snorting cocaines." 
  • MGM Grand lion attack of trainer. Oh, my! Hide ya wives, hide ya kids, hide ya husbands.