Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Rain for the next two days? Where did Tropical Storm Hermine come from? I've already experienced some serious rain this morning. 
  • The National Geographic Channel is promoting "Giuliani's 9/11" and the former mayor is all over it. No one has tried to profit off the tragedy more than that guy. 
  • After watching a few episodes of Hard Knocks, I despise Jets coach Rex Ryan. Classless.
  • He's just like his daddy.
  • How can you not believe in Boise State? Every time that team is in the spotlight, it wins.
  • Sign in the stands that I remember from last year: "Boise Is Not A State. We Checked."
  • A tradition that I was oblivious to but now am a big fan of: Virginia Tech entering the stadium to the music of "Enter Sandman".
  • It's amazing the Jerry Lewis Telethon is still going on. And they've raised how much money? And they've cured what? 
  • I can't wait to watch Nancy Grace's new show, Swift Justice. It looks like she'll become even more of a cartoon character. 
  • The Google's logo turns into bouncing balls today. And you can scatter them with a mouse over move.
  • Lady received $9,000 phone bill after using her phone extensively while on a trip to Israel. I blame her.