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Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • The boss in the British version of The Office, Ricky Gervais, might possibly replace Steve Carrel who is retiring from the American version of the show. I think he's the only one who could do it.
  • Whatever happened to kitchen trash compactors?
  • A California federal judge struck down the state's gay marriage ban yesterday. Opponents say the ban was voted in and was the "will of the people." Well, so was black and white water fountains at one point.
  • I guess this heat is worth a generally pleasant winter. Maybe.
  • Kevin Kolb will start at QB for the Philadelphia Eagles this year. I think he spent a handful of years in Decatur before he graduated high school somewhere else.
  • The Ranger auction last night, which the Ryan Group finally won after upping their original bid by about $88 million, was a newspaper's deadline nightmare.
  • Sorry individual: After being paid $32 million over the last year, Redskin Albert Haynesworth fails three conditioning tests and then claims a sore knee which has kept him out of practice for eight days.
  • ESPN's Erin Andrews has a hot sister?
  • Four funerals listed in the Update today and all were in their 50s.
  • I completely missed out on the announcement that Decatur was getting a Wendy's. But that's all we need: Another reason for people to clog that area of FM 51.
  • I wonder if this family drove through Decatur on their way back from Dallas before being involved in a tragic wreck in near Vernon.