Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Bud Kennedy has a pretty good column about the weekend of the crash at DFW in 1985.
  • And WBAP played the cockpit tapes from the crash this morning. Wow. I had never heard those. You could hear emergency warnings going up and a computer voice saying "Pull up. Pull up."
  • I did "family grocery shopping" for the first time last night. Oh, my.
  • Lindsay's free!
  • I can't tell you how disappoinged I at at McAfee Security. After buying their virus protection program two weeks ago, I was hit with one yesterday. And a full scan now doesn't even detect it.
  • Got to see the inside of an apartment/condo at the converted Montgomery Ward off of 7th Street in Fort Worth. Not bad.
  • They are going to try the "static kill" on BP well this week. That could make the temporary fix a permanent one.
  • The second story in the Update makes it sound like DPS can't test blood for marijuana. It can, just not at that lab in Garland.
  • I haven't heard any updates on the Montague County Judge's death. If it turns out to be a suicide, we are in the midst of an epidemic of them.
  • Very funny picture: Dad poses with barracuda and daughter after the barracuda took a piece out of the girl's arm.
  • Drove a Uhaul truck this weekend without incident. But the check in line in Fort Worth was ridiculous. After waiting 30 minutes I was reminded that I hadn't filled the big rig up with gas and there would be a $30 refueling fee. But I was given the chance to get out of line, wait for the truck to be pulled back around, fight Saturday traffic to find a gas station and come back and stand in line. Nope. I'll eat the $30.
  • All of Weatherford will be without water temporarily this morning.