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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Still having problems seeing any new comments. Sorry. Refunds are in the mail.
  • My head nearly exploded last night when Fox 4 opened its newscast announcing it had a "panel of experts" available to answer Swine Flu questions. Cut to a bunch of serious looking folks at a phone bank answering questions (wait . . . the show started 15 seconds ago so how are they already fielding questions?)
  • Call me a wuss, but I'm not sure I'd let my kid play high school football. (This prompted after seeing a story of a 14 year old Pinkston player who is paralyzed from the waist down.)
  • I've been jogging outside almost exclusively lately completely abandoning my old treadmill.
  • I actually saw a TV ad for a better mouse trap this morning. Little sucker just crawls into a contraption and the door shuts behind him.
  • I know I'm in the minority with my eye rolling over the "Dallas Terrorist". The best line from the probable cause hearing yesterday, as reported by the Dallas Observer blog, was that FBI Special Agent Thomas Petrowski testified, "Mr. Smadi stood out because he indicated that he was on U.S. soil and wished to commit an act of terrorism here ... that the only thing he lacked was the tools." Hey, he was a bad guy. But he was a wannabe.
  • And Channel 5's Mike "I Love You Jane" Snider reported yesterday evening that "video has now been released" of the Dallas terrorist being stopped on a traffic stop about a month ago. Fox 4 had that video three weeks ago.
  • When radio guys say a particular lineman or defensive lineman (someone you normally don't pay attention to) "had a good game," I call BS. The only way you know that is if (1) you watched him every play and (2) you knew what his responsibility on each play.
  • I don't really know much about the Dallas City Council corruption trial other than to say Defendant Don Hill was way too cocky during the trial. (He was found guilty.)
  • Am I getting grumpier?
  • I looked at Google Trends last night and saw one of the top searches was "Steve Perry Journey Dead." A little searching discovered that Journey had appeared on Oprah that afternoon with the new Asian lead singer which prompted everyone to wonder if Steve Perry had died.
  • He hasn't.
  • That Asian guy sounds just like Steve Perry.
  • The Star Telegram's Clarence Hill says Fox 4 has a video proving that Tony Romo did not know it was 4th down on the last play of the game last Sunday. I'm trying to track down that video. Edit: They've posted it.
  • I always see a commercial for show with some chef yelling at everybody. Uh, why would I want to watch that?


Anonymous said...

Arrrrggggh that makes me Timber Shiver.

I think I'll make her walk me plank.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the Dallas bomber was a wannabe, but thankfully the FBI provided him with bogus tools. Who knows what could have happened had someone else (foreign terrorist or some other loony) provided him with real tools!

mzchief said...

Obviously, the girl in the photo is promoting boating safety by wearing her personal flotation devices.

During "House" and "Lie To Me" Fox4 had an information ticker, go across the bottom of the screen, advertising a phone number where nurses would be manning phones and answering H1N1 questions of callers.

Anonymous said...

Steve Perry isn't dead. Journey booted him YEARS ago.

Anonymous said...

Maybe everybody just assumed Steve Perry was dead because his replacement kept singing "Don't stop bereaviiin'..."

If you saw a story about a kid that got paralyzed in an auto accident, would you keep your kid from driving, also?

All (terrorism) suspects are wannabes until they prove themselves. Using what you believe are the tools to accomplish the job transforms you from a wannabe. Are you working for the ACLU?

The chef in question isn't just yelling at people, he's berating and cursing them. Big diff between some guy saying "Bam!" and some a-hole calling you an a-hole, and worse.

You can tell if a lineman had a good game by looking at his stats: tackles, sacks, pressures (or lack of those), and penalties

The door shuts behind the mouse...automatically? Just great! Now some genius is gonna convince the gubmint to give him a grant to teach mice how to operate a doorknob
I'm just sayin'

Anonymous said...


DocLogic said...

Maybe that's a modern day Gilligan's Island. Whats with the beached boat on the sand? And is that Mary Ann and Ginger in bikini on the beach with the Professor?

Anonymous said...

I liken your overreaction to not letting a kid play high school football to the right wings overreaction to Obama's school speach. You are more likely to damage your body by jogging everyday, than the chances a kid gets paralyzed playing football.

Just wait about 5 more years when you need knee replacements. There are a number of exercises available that are just as efficient as running, but with much less impact on the knees and hips.

Anonymous said...

Romo is lost...

wordkyle said...

If Darwin was right, how long before we start seeing a better mouse?

Anonymous said...

Yes Barry, you are getting crumpier. It began when you predicted Brett Favre would be on the bench by mid-season. Only an injury would make that happen. That is itself is grumpy.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I think you are getting grumpier because you see what Obama is doing to YOUR country. Keep watching more Fox News, and you'll feel better about the other side for awhile.

wisenurse said...

I thought of you Barry when I turned on FOX 4 news and saw the whole swine flu panel I figured you would comment on it - EXCEPT maybe something clever like didn't know there was a telethon last nite - where was Jerry Lewis - at first glance that's what I thought!!! Didn't know it was the swine flu "council" - I thought I saw Jerry Jones on the phone answering questions!!!!

Anonymous said...

If nothing else happened to Don Hill it took the cocky grin off his face.Maybe now he can cet the gap between his teeth closed or widened.DAGO