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Anonymous said...

Fair and balanced.

We report. You decide.

Anonymous said...

OK - let the bigots attack this, too. Not only are these kids talented and coordinated, the have the message on track. The obstructionists babble on while the problem persists.

Why not get a bunch of kids from Wise County to sing the benefits of the current unhealthful program?

Anonymous said...

Nice use of school children to promote the socialist agenda.

Anonymous said...

Why did God have to invent cotton?

Anonymous said...

That's just wrong!! Couldn't they find even one token white kid that didn't have good insurance to put in there? Maybe all the problems with the health care system are grossly overstated.

Anonymous said...

Well, the bigots are still out there. When are they going to gro up?

Adolf Oliver Bush said...

Couldn't find a white kid to throw in the group? Is that only because couldn't find one that could sing and dance?

I find it very interesting that they were all black. Obviously they have been Obamanized. Likely that school picked and the project theorized by the administration.

How's that 10:29?

What makes you think the kids in Wise County don't think the system needs improvement. Everybody knows it needs improvement....but it doesn't need to be Obamanized.

Your your head and quit idolizing this President. It is not a good plan just because Obama says so. It is not a bad plan just because it is his idea. He has made sense and he has made non-sense.

Anonymous said...

You're right, 11:08. It's not a good plan just because Obama says so. It's a good plan because it's a good plan.

"Socialism" my a**. That's just a bunch propaganda from all of the rich SOBS who make their livelihood off of the current clusterf*** of a system while the rest of us choke on the cash-drain on our own wallets ... till the wallets are empty and we're left to choke on our own vomit.

Anonymous said...

"That's just a bunch propaganda from all of the rich SOBS who make their livelihood off of the current clusterf*** of a system while the rest of us choke on the cash-drain on our own wallets ... "

Sounds socialistic to me!

Anonymous said...

I don't know where the Ron Clark Acadamy is located, but I would have to assume that it is an all-black school of some sort. Imagine if this had been a group of white kids sing down on Obama. Think it would be on CNN?

Anonymous said...

11:28 - Are you in favor of Medicare? The VA system? Social Security or Post Office? The military, NASA, Air Traffic Control, agricultural subsidies, public schools, national parks and forests, federal highways, Food & Drug, FTC etc? If so on any of these, you, too, must be socialist, right? (Of all these agencies, only the military is mentioned in the Constitution.)

Anonymous said...

I think I'm happy paying the high premiums on my current insurance. At least I have some type of coverage and at 64 yoa I'll soon be ready for medicare/medicaid. It's what Im used to so why change?
I just hope social security is and
my retirement is enough to get me by. After 40 yrs with the same company I think I've earned it. Ya'll protest all you want, I'm gonna just sit on the porch and wave.

Anonymous said...

11:03 Well, the blackies are still out there. When are they going to gro up?

Anonymous said...

So, because we do those things, it makes it all right and we should just go ahead and be completely socialist. Nice try.

Anonymous said...

Appears to be a private school. What ARE they teaching in those PRIVATE schools?

Anonymous said...

11:53 Congress needs to fix medicare reimbursements to doctors. Why should doctors treat medicare patients at a loss? Cuts in medicare will not provide insurance coverage to those who buy boats instead of health care or undocumented immigrants without rationing my health care.

Pushing through the plan, no one has read and isn't finalized, without the public understanding the costs is not responsible leadership. It is very possible if the plan is pushed through, premiums and co-pays will go up along with additional costs for medicare patients.

A lot of private practice doctors to decide to close their practice and not deal with all the problems coming their way because reimbursements are going down and more governmental control and interference in the doctor/patient relationship will not improve medical care outcomes.

And the post office and veterans affairs aren't run very well either. Perhaps school kids can sing some rap songs to fix the post office.

Anonymous said...

11:18 - Is the point you are making that you believe that increasing govt. control will REDUCE the cost?

Do you really?

Anonymous said...

How about we round up a bunch of in-bread,red-neck, hillbilly white kids from the Roy Clark Banjo Institute and have them sing a little diddy for us. Perhaps they could air it during a HeeHaw re-run on the RFD channel! That would make about as much sense as the crap that they ran on CNN did! Like these kids have a clue about what they just said. Their parents just want the free ride gravytrain to go on forever. Biscuts for your gravy anyone? How can you make your society stronger if your promote social programs as the solution to the problem. These programs ARE the problem. Get off your lazy ass and get a job like everyone else does and quit going to the hospital after doctors office hours every time you get a runny nose. Go to the doctor and pay your own way or pay for insurance out of your pocket. Don't expect everthing in life to be free.

Anonymous said...

Pure indoctrination at a black school for their worshipful master; frightening.

mzchief said...

To anonymous 11:53...
Many of the services you mentioned benefit the ENTIRE nation rather than individuals. U.S. public schools are nothing about which to brag since private schools beat them with regard to education and college acceptance. However, everyone benefits by a well educated population. Unfortunately, with a national high school drop-out rate of 50% most public schools are not producing well educated young people. A few of the services you listed are regarding law enforcement and defense which is precisely what our government is SUPPOSE to do. There should not be a single agricultural subsidy paid to anyone. There should be no Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security.


Have the government, refund me EVERY cent, with interest, of the money I have been FORCED to pay into Social Security and I will gladly not take a cent from Social Security. While you are at it, have Social Security refund, with interest, EVERY cent my parents were FORCED to pay into but did not live long enough to collect a cent from Social Security. Social Security and inheritance taxes do more to keep families from acquiring personal wealth than anything else the government does to hard working citizens.

As for the benefits granted to veterans, THEY EARNED THEM and EVERY American should be only too grateful for ANY portion of their taxes to provide benefits and compensation to citizens who have put their lives on the line and hold to defend and protect their fellow Americans. Since you mentioned VA health care, do a bit of research and find out the substandard care being provided by the VA.

Social Security is BROKE.
Medicare is BROKE.
Medicaid is BROKE.
United States Post Office is BROKE.
Amtrak is BROKE.

The United States Government is BROKE.
(Interest on the National Debt is approximately $500,000,000/5 hundred million per day. There are currently approx. 300 million people in the U.S. That means each person needs to pay $1.67 per day just to pay the interest on the debt.) Yep! The U.S. is BROKE.

However, people like you want to hand over something else for the U.S. Government to BREAK.

You people who HONESTLY believe the U.S. Government can fix everything are either BLIND or STUPID which renders you clueless as regard to what the U.S. Government can and cannnot do OR you are a bunch of malicious jerks who want to screw up the entire country just because you are screwed.

I do not know which it is but people like you make me realize that there truly should be a minimum level of intelligence required of everyone who votes in an attempt to keep people like you from voting.

Anonymous said...

The difference between Liberals and Conservatives-

Liberals- against spending money to kill people.

Conservatives- against spending money to save people.

You all are dumb. said...

Will be funny to hear all the so-called conservatives scream for universal health coverage whenever companies decide to stop paying for employees' health premiums in effort to cut costs.

Always easier to be in favor of something if you don't have to pay for it. Which I suspect is the case for most of those bashing Obama's health care plan.

Such a pathetic group of people.

Anonymous said...

1:47, agree with every word you said. It seems that the only business that the US government is very good at is taking a viable business and driving it into the ground. Period. Second place would have to go to all of the unions. And the list goes on and on from there.

K1p said...

OK, I have changed my mind and my evil socialist ways.

From now on I think that having the government certify that my water is clean is a commie plot. I propose that those with the funds should dig a well and filter it themselves however they see fit. F the EPA!

I think that the FDA should be abolished. If I need medicine I will pay to certify whether or not it is safe and effective.

All highways should be converted to tollways.

USDA, HA! Who needs them. If we get China and Mexico to promise not to poison us we should be alright.

ATF, FBI, CIA! Why are my tax dollars being spent on these kinds of things anyway?

Corps of engineers, please! I hate swimming in lakes, I say drain them!

CDC? WTF? These "epidemics" are just communists plots let loose on us by the UN!

Bureau of weights and measures? If Sam the butcher says it's safe to eat (see above) then I trust his scales too.

Copyright laws. I trust know one would try to get around these.

Border patrol! Who wants to come here?


I'm on a roll now, why I think I will quit the Republican party that I joined 20 min ago and become a libertarian.

Abolish it all!

No wait, now I'm an Anarchist!

L'anarchie Pour Le USA!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

What if we considered the managed response to the N1H1 virus an example of how Government Health Care would be.
The government has taken the lead in ensuring that we would have a vaccine for N1H1.
It is now here!
Just a promised!
Wise County should have about 100 doses.
Line up and be saved.
Those 700 does in Dallas County pretty much solved any potential outbreak there!

K1p said...

mzchief, I don't know where to start.

Public vs private. Of course when you look at data you can interpret it any which way you want. More parental involvement makes for a better student. Poor kids don't get help from parents with two jobs. Poor kids don't go to private school. Of course SAT's are higher at Private schools.

As for your other asinine arguments,... I have to take the kids to soccer practice so I will let it be.

How can Republicans be so mean?

mzchief said...

To anonymous 2:50...
I am AGAINST ObamaCare and you can bloody well bet I pay dearly for health insurance. This past August 4th I wrote a check for $2,832.06 to cover 3 months of health insurance that has several medical exclusions. The policy does not include dental or eye care coverage. The policy has a $2,500 annual deductible for each of the two people covered on the policy. After the deductible the policy only covers approximately 80% of medical costs. Hubby and I paid a tax rate of 37.4% on our adjusted gross income. Even though we give away the exact dollar amount we spend, we paid 4.3 times as much in taxes as we took in deductions. Since there is every chance you are as dim as your post would indicate, I will spell it out for you, my Mr. and I paid nearly 4.3 times in taxes the amount we spent maintaining our lifestyle, paying our son's tuition to dental school and all his living expenses. So, there goes your theory that people against ObamaCare are not paying.

My husband and I are blessed with the ability to pay whatever is charged for healthcare or health insurance. We are able to go anywhere in the world to receive whatever medical care we think is best for us. However, not everyone is that fortunate which is why I am absolutely against ObamaCare/Government mandated/run healthcare. There is NOTHING the government has set out to do for individuals that the government has ever done better than what an individual, who works hard and makes sound personal choices, can do for themselves.

The health insurance industry needs to be overhauled by first and foremost removing the legislative mandated requirements/exclusions the insurance lobby got legislatures to impose. Health care needs to be overhauled with the first act being tort reform.

Healthcare is no more a right than is college, food, clothing, driving a car or living in a home in a plush suburban neighbourhood.

Anonymous said...

Am I supposed to be impressed that someone taught some monkeys to dance and sing?

mzchief said...

To K1p...
I absolutely agree with you, poor people who are unable/unwilling to properly care for their children have no business having or raising children. It is WRONG for the government to subsidize poor people having children for whom they are unable/unwilling to care.

You do realize, children, from impoverished homes, who are provided academic vouchers so they can attend private schools do just as well as the wealthy students who attend those schools, right?

Good luck at your child's soccer practice. Hopefully, you are more adept at watching children kick around a ball then you are at making a valid point to prop-up your indefensible argument. Incidentally, your declaration that someone's cogent points are "asinine" is not a viable form of debate for anyone other than an Elitist Loony Leftist Liberal.

Anonymous said...

Hitler Youth

Anonymous said...

Didn't their teacher get the directive from the State House that they are supposed to be wearing brown shirts and jack boots?

Anonymous said...

MZ - believe me, you are in the minority when you say that you pay for your health insurance. I would bet though, your husband actually does all the "paying" (perhaps you pay him back by taking the kids to soccer practice or the occasional blow j*b). However, congrats on writing the checks, I'm sure you really feel you're getting your money's worth - a health care system that is no where near the top of the WHO health care rankings.

LOL @ U.

Anonymous said...

ohh lordy..pick a bale o cotton

ohh lordy..pick a bale a day..

D F Naven R Johnson..honkey mo fo

mzchief said...

To anonymous 5:25...
You are so wrong on so many counts. I work approximately 60 hours a week and am a full partner in mine and my husband's business. To be truthful, he would not be able to do what he does if I were not for, me, his partner.

Since, you are soooo interested in my husband's and my sex life, let it suffice to say, neither of us believes awesome sex is something for which either of us should/will ever pay. Sounds like your sex life is very different in your home. Are you the hooker who charges for blowjobs or the dude who pays for them?

If you are still laughing, you are more of a moron than you have proved yourself.

Anonymous said...

Mzchief = Ayn Rand. Self reliance is good. The poor or unfortunate - screw 'em. Government is bad, independent action is good. What a world view! I also have no use for her "book of fables" but there are certainly principles in it that support successful human interaction. What a sad person Mz must be.

Anonymous said...

MZ: Of course I am still laughing - at how you take an off-handed remark in my post mean that I am "soooo interested" in your sex life, you self-absorbed, wikipedia-regurgitating blogging nitwit.

It's good to know there are plenty of afluent people out there like you who don't feel that it is important to take care of those who are sick or have sick children, but rather blame the state of the US healthcare system on those who have made some mistakes, or have had some misfortunes along the way, and cannot write $2000 checks to cover their own families' health insurance premiums. I bet if the shoe was on the other foot, you posts would have a tad bit different tone.



Anonymous said...


You really sound like a crazy ass blue hair. You think so highly of yourself that you degrade your husband's ability to live and run a business without you; however, that is how so many controlling phenatics think, as yourself. We really wish you'd get the f*ck out of town.

If you have all the answers go buy an island and create your own self-absorbed, self-controlled country. We don't need you, nor do we need you dictating to everybody on this blog about what is right and wrong.

You think that we all should believe in you because you say so. Blah Blah Blah! It's all about you and you know everything. You make me vomit!!!If you don't like America - LEAVE! We could probably raffle enough tickets to see who wins to drive your pompous arse to the airport! And from the raffle proceeds we could probably all afford your high dollar premiums that you just love to pay!


Sick and tired!

Anonymous said...

You idiots who've resorted to personally attacking and insulting MzChief just proved you don't have anything to back up your argument for Obama's plan. That means, MzChief wins the debate.

Anonymous said...

Liberal weenie teabaggees can't comprehend facts. Personal attacks are rule number one in their playbook. Had they not had to rely on a government education indoctrination they would see the world as it really is and not become wards of the state.

Ray said...

The new plan will cut medicare by $400 million so it will be worse than it is now... then it will still not cover over 17 million people if the plan on the table is implemented.. plus there will be a tax on things such as pace makers and other artificial aids.. it makes me sick that people aren't smart enough to look at all the facts... it wont get any better... it will be a roadblock to a better plan that needs to be debated over time... whats the hurry

Anonymous said...

I am sure if everyone really knew who winds the big monkeys spring and where it will lead us we would be scared to death.DAGO Here is to MzChief who knows who she is and how to be sucessful.I am just disapointed that she even replied to such a fool.They don't realize most peoples problems are self inflicted.DAGO