Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Minor point about the Cowboy game: The Denver kickoff in the 4th quarter went out of the end zone? Yeah, thin air. But, mercy.
  • Jacksboro's new high school stadium has a video board that has instant replay.
  • I'm insane now.
  • The Star-Telegram ran a story about a 24 year old real estate guru who is supposed to be some self made man. The story reads like a fluff piece and make me wonder what's really going on. (Sentences like "In 2004, using financial aid and a $100,000 loan from a fraternity brother . . . . " make me roll my eyes.)
  • TCU is in the Top 10 for the first time in 50 years? (Per Fox 4 this morning.)
  • They didn't win, but Romo's 50+ throw to Sam Hurd in the 4th quarter was good stuff. That being said, Sam Hurd is a spare. As is Roy Williams. As is Patrick Crayton.
  • It's shocking how The Right celebrated Chicago not landing the Olympics (since it was a chance to bust on Obama). I thought Limbaugh and Hannity were going to have to smoke a cigarette.
  • Saw these signs everywhere this morning: DecaturSingles.org
  • ESPN's Fantasy Football went down on Sunday afternoon. For the World Wide Leader, that is ridiculously unacceptable.
  • Gas fuel pump issues made me go to three different ones this morning. Think that drove me insane?
  • I don't believe statements like, "All your dreams can come true if you have the courage to pursue them." I think that still makes me normal.
  • Remember when Montblanc pens were all the rage?
  • Entourage is pretty funny this season. Curb Your Enthusiasm is great.
  • Eight Ten U.S. soldiers dead in Afghanistan over the weekend. Let's get out of there.
  • Tech coach Mike Leach banned his player his players from using Twitter last week. Some say that's a violation of the First Amendment. You know, since Tech is the government and Leach is a government agent telling a citizen they can't speak, there may be something to it. I said "maybe."