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"Star Trek" Review

  • I haven't been to a theater in a few months, but a holiday and a 10:20 a.m. showing at the Rave in North Richland Hills seemed like a crazy good idea.
  • Overall: Not bad. Not great. But pretty good.
  • Some say that you'd like it even if you haven't seen the original TV series. I'm not sure that's true. It's the subtleties that put it over the top.
  • I kind of became extremely nostalgic during the movie. I grew up watching the Star Trek series as a kid on Channel 11 in the afternoons. Since then, I really haven't paid attention to the Star Trek developments, but the movie caused a ton of memories to come flooding back. That was nice.
  • Side note: Every preview seems to involve a movie that is nothing more than CGI overload.
  • I felt stupid that I didn't figure out that the character that played Chekov was also the kid that got murdered in "Alpha Dog." (Actor Anton Yelchin.)
  • Same thing for not immediately realizing the guy that played Sulu was from the "Harold and Kumar" movies.
  • Star Trek was on the brink of CGI overload.
  • Quite a few senior citizens in the audience. (No jokes, please.)
  • As I was walking to my particular theater, I passed a movie preview placard promoting a flick called "Drag Me To Hell." That powered me down a bit.
  • During the opening credits (which are always confusing -- is it produced by Paramount? No, it's also by Dream Works? Now it's someone else) the screen shot came up of a still of the words "Bad Robot." I've seen that at the end of some sitcoms, but never as a credit at a movie.


Anonymous said...

that drag me to hell movie is going to be good. watch it if you want to be powered back up.

its about a bank girl that does not extend the bank loan on a house to a gypsy woman. that's where the fun begins.

Propagandist said...

I saw "Star Trek" the day after it came out and thought the casting was perfect. I liked the fact the viewer never forgot the movie was about the original "Star Trek" and has nothing to do with the half baked newer versions.

Jarhead said...

Maybe you should rename your blog "Drag Me To Hell."

Just kidding. You do good work here.

Anonymous said...

The Rave is in Hurst, not NRH.

Anonymous said...

"Bad Robot" is the company associated with LOST

Anonymous said...

Bad Robot is the production company that makes the TV series Lost. JJ Abrams (of Lost) also did Star Trek, thus the connection

Anonymous said...

I saw a preview ad on TV of that "Drag me to Hell" movie. You couldn't pay me to go see that.

Anonymous said...

Bad Robot is owned by J.J. Abrams.

RPM said...

Drag Me to Hell is written and directed by Sam Raimi (Spiderman, The Quick and The Dead, Army of Darkness, Evil Dead, Xena, Hercules).

It should be very good. And this coming from a guy that doesn't like horror flicks.

Gleemonex said...

Drag Me to Hell is a Sam Raimi joint -- Evil Dead, y'all!

Anonymous said...

On December 21 2012 we're all gettin dragged to Hell.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes you're so gay that it worries me that I read your blog.