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Anonymous said...

Watched the story on CBS 11 tonight. Scary story. Intersection where he wrecked out it where west-bound Palo Pinto Street splits into Hwy 180 and Hwy 80. South Bowie Drive crosses at the split. Triangle of confused drivers.

Hope the DUI does hard time, after his day in court facing his accident victims.

My Other Brother Darryl

chupacabra said...

I met that chase on my way to Fort Worth- every tire poppped, shredded and smoking. He drove past Roger Williams at 40-50 MPH with such a nonchalant expression you'd think he was going out for ice cream.
There were 8 units from 3 different agencies behind him. As we met a unit pulled up to him with an officer in the backseat- I thought they were about to end it before he hit all the intersections and town proper.
Sad, wish they had.

Anonymous said...

Breaking news..plane crash off 920 near b' cr 3519