Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Those were some crazy clouds yesterday with crazy spurts of rain.
  • Despite golf ball size hail (or larger), I'm not sure there was much damage last night in Decatur.
  • Do people still think they are clever when the say "intestinal fortitude" instead of "guts"?
  • Thought about that this morning when a caller to KLIF said "we don't have someone in the White House that has the intestinal fortitude to bomb North Korea." Good lord.
  • I shake my head a lot in disbelief when I'm alone.
  • Everyone seems to be optimistic about the economy (consumer confidence was up yesterday) but unemployment continues to rise and GM is headed to bankruptcy. I think we just got tired of being pessimistic. I call it Tired Head Economics Syndrome. That just might win me a Pulitzer right there.
  • I should have made the TAKS/Graduation ceremony issue a completely independent post. I misjudged the emotions about that one.
  • If I find a gas pump that is ridiculously slow, I'll stop it before I fill up. It makes me feel like I've taught the pump a lesson.
  • The right wing is already going crazy over the clip of the new Supreme Court nominee having stated that courts "create policy." They fall back on "judges should interpret the law, and not create law."
  • Oh yeah, and yesterday Supreme Court conservative majority overruled 23 years of precedent by holding that cops can initiate interrogation of a defendant without his lawyer present even though a court has appointed a lawyer for him. Unless that rule was buried in the Constitution (it's not), that is creating policy.
  • When did $80 loud print T-shirts get popular? And why?
  • I now use my debit card for almost everything and never go to the cash machine.
  • But shouldn't the scanner know it's a debit card without it having to be asked?
  • I've begun reading Outliers and it's great. It's basic premise is that hard work is certainly needed to get ahead, but circumstances and luck play just as an important role. I believe that.