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The Rest Of The Story

This isn't worthy of a post, but it's bugging me. Paul Harvey is a guy who is paid a krillion dollars to do a 10 minute syndicated show where he reads stories off the AP Wire. It used to be really interesting when the only way to get news was from the newspaper thrown on your lawn (twice a day - a morning and evening edition) since he'd report on some pretty obscure stuff. These days, the Internets has made him pretty much irrelevant. Anyway, he comes on WBAP on Tuesday and tells the craziest story about actor Jack Black tying up his next door neighbor. I don't remember all the details, but it was insane. So I immediately go to the gossip sites thinking this will be huge news but there's nothing there. So I blow it off. Today, Ron Chapman is filling in for Paul Harvey and at the end of the segment he issues a retraction on the Jack Black story. "The information came from a source we now deem unreliable and have removed him from our Rolodex." Sheesh. But you know what's odd? (And this is really what's a little amazing.) If you use The Google and search "Paul Harvey" and "Jack Black" together you get nothing. Nada. You can even search under "news" or "blogs" and not a single mention of the whole mess. So what have I learned? Anyone who listens to Paul Harvey doesn't use the Internet but does use a Rolodex. The End.