Inspirational Finish To Cross Country Race

Video here. Watch it. You are ordered. Since I think the Decatur girls just won the National Championship for the Western Hemisphere or something like that in cross country, it's fitting that this video had just debuted on the Internets. But I'm confused.
  • Do that many people turn out for a Cross Country race?
  • What is wrong with this kid? It's a 5K. I'm an old man with short legs and I can run a 5K without breaking a sweat.
  • Is it proper form for your teammate to slap you on the back when you're dying?
  • Why does the guy drop an SOB bomb at the end?
  • Do you have to cross the entire finish line or can just part of your body cross it?
  • And what's with the stretcher? They'd let him die one foot from the finish line if need be, but as soon as he's finished we're prepared to do everything in our power to save him?