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Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • The Final Four coming to the Cowboys new stadium? I can't imagine a worse place to watch a basketball game than in a football stadium.
  • I'm kind of intimidated by the museums in Fort Worth
  • I dreamed Texas Stadium was flooded and I had to scuba dive under the benches to pick up loose pens and pencils. I showed what I had recovered to Jerry Jones who confusingly said, "Can you imagine if we would have had three more minutes in those games we lost?" I don't know what it means, either.
  • Music I like: Girl Talk's Feed The Animals. It's almost impossible to explain (a song will include 10 seconds of the Carpenter's overlayed with Nelly which morphs into T-Pain and then the Eagles). Download the album for free or pay what you want here.
  • If a lunch includes more than three people, you will learn nothing of interest. And three people is pushing it.
  • I hit my snooze button three times this morning. Odd for me. But I positioned myself where the clock would be in arm reach when it went off again.
  • My Netflix rentals have come to a screeching halt for the last three months. Jogging outside is the problem.
  • Last week I tried to sign up the White Rock Half Marathon but it was sold out. That depressed me. Is it really that much more trouble to open up a race to a few thousand more people?
  • Paris Hilton hasn't done anything crazy in a while.
  • Do they still sell cigarettes in vending machines?
  • Carbonated drinks burn my mouth, but I still drink them.
  • I know a handful of people that graduated from Bridgeport and Texas Tech. This is a heck of a football weekend for them. Both schools are unbeaten with everything on the line this weekend.
  • You always hear the advice of: Find out what you love and then get a job in that area. I wonder how many people actually do that? One percent?
  • I found some high tone silky pajama bottoms that I hadn't seen in three years last night.
  • Read in the Star Telegram that Tiger Woods was in town this week for two days shooting a commercial at Colonial. He stayed in the Ashton Hotel (place looks nice) but the article also said he took a "jog downtown." Not so sure I believe the last part.
  • CNN just had a news flash that oil dropped below $50 a barrel this morning. It was $147 in July. Remember when they were telling us it was just "supply and demand"? Riiiiighttttt.
  • Someone sent me a link with about 200 pictures of Texas Tech girls. The one above is from that collection.
  • Someone used in a response below. That's funny.


Anonymous said...

Let me use a quote from the great Joe Dirt to comment the hotties in the photo- DAAAANGG !!!!

Anonymous said...

It would appear that some (possibly all) of the gals in that pic have "checkered" pasts

"Do they still sell cigarettes in vending machines?"
I don't think so. It would be too easy for kids to access them. Huge liability for whoever owns/rents them. Ciggy vending machines have gone the way of the dinosaurs and public phone booths

"Carbonated drinks burn my mouth, but I still drink them."
Maybe you should switch to the new soft drink enema. Don't you want a Fanta? (I went too far, didn't I?)

"I'm kind of intimidated by the museums in Fort Worth"
Just the ones in FW, huh? Still not over the trauma from that time the Kimbell pantsed you, then shoved you into the girls' locker room?

"I know a handful of people that graduated from Bridgeport and Texas Tech."
Go Bulls!
Guns up!

Anonymous said...

I played at Colonial yesterday and they had a couple of the holes shut down as well as the driving range. I was there all morning and into the afternoon, but never saw the pros. I think there 4 or 5 of the Nike players there.

Bobby said...

Yes, they still have cigarette vending machines. But, they are normally in bars.

Adolf Oliver Bush said...

Don't be bogartin' the Tech Girls link.

Share the love Barry.

Anonymous said...

Those Tech girls are smart, too! Look they made a pattern: checkers, public servant, checkers, public servant, checkers.

Anonymous said...

they do still sell cigarettes in vending machines. i bought some last night at baby dolls. it takes a lot of quarters, but i got my cancer sticks.

Anonymous said...

Everyone should go visit this is the new high school newspaper website!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

A prediction was made in an earlier post that Story would ask for a raise and probably better facilities: well... lookie at today's update ( I guess he got others to do it for him) - -

SPORTS FACILITIES - A group of parents is expected to ask the Decatur School Board tonight to consider improvements to Eagle Stadium, including the installation of all-weather turf on the football field. The parents are expected to propose a community-wide fund raising effort to assist with the project estimated to cost between $650,000 and $1 million.

Must have been that awful stadium that caused such an awful year. And.. bet that salary increase is hidden in there somewhere too. Bet?

Anonymous said...

barron, my daughter raN IN THE 'rock n roll' marothon in san antonio last weekend. it was amazing. a diferent rock and roll band every mile. great music.
i had no idea so many people ran. over 30,000. i'm running next year.

Anonymous said...

... "I can't imagine a worse place to watch a basketball game than in a football stadium." ... well they do it almost every year for the Final Four... The next 8 locations:
08 - Alamodome
09 - Ford Field
10 - Lucas Oil Stadium
11 - Reliant Stadium
12 - Superdome
13 - Georgia Dome
14 - Cowboys Stadium
15 - Lucas Oil Stadium
16 - Reliant Stadium

Anonymous said...

Don't run in the spelling bee will lose!

Foghorn said...

I have analysed the data and can conclude, without a doubt, that 3 out of every 5 coeds at tech have had implants.

They have clamped down on the number of runners at the larger venues (White Rock) after the Chicago marathon had its problems (heat, not enough liquid and a death).

Anonymous said...

Silky pajama bottoms?

What?.......and you a jogger.

Not a match.

Anonymous said...

Just show up and tell them you are Barron Green, or is that you, I'm confused now.

wordkyle said...

I think the 2008 edition of the Village People is better than the originals.

Anonymous said...

well, if story asks for a raise, he should get it. just because we had a bad class of athletes and quarterabck does not mean he does not derserve it just to keep him. if anything, he earned his money more this year than any because he actually had to work this year since he has no talent.

Anonymous said...

Let's all play a game. We'll call "Ricky Bobby Comment" in reference to the girls in the above pic. Ready, set, go!!

Anonymous said...

Barry, come across with the Tech link, NOW!

Anonymous said...

I recall idiot contributors blaming Bush for the high gasoline prices...yet no one now gives him credit for the decline of the prices. The recent election should tell us of the public's ignorance.

Anonymous said...

11:01, that's just dumb!

Anonymous said...

Oh Baby! 10-0 and 10-0 on the way to 15-0 with a state championship and 14-0 with a national championship. It just doesn't get much better than that!

Mr. Mike Honcho said...

Well... its race day at the track... from L to R...

1 - Little Miss Racer fraid to show her belly... (As would I)
2 - Little Miss Track Security. You watch that Stick, girl.
3 - Little Miss Red Riding Racer
4 - Little Miss Track Emergency Response... HELLLLOOOOOOOOO Nurse!
5 - Little... er.. um... Big Miss Racer X. Yowsa!

Anonymous said...

To the first comment at 8:15...never quote the "dirt" unless you post a picture of yourself wearing a "I Choked Linda Lovelace" T-shirt and a mullet(real or a high-quality surgically implanted wig).

mudwatcher said...

Sign up for the Austin Half in February instead. Great race.