Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • The Final Four coming to the Cowboys new stadium? I can't imagine a worse place to watch a basketball game than in a football stadium.
  • I'm kind of intimidated by the museums in Fort Worth
  • I dreamed Texas Stadium was flooded and I had to scuba dive under the benches to pick up loose pens and pencils. I showed what I had recovered to Jerry Jones who confusingly said, "Can you imagine if we would have had three more minutes in those games we lost?" I don't know what it means, either.
  • Music I like: Girl Talk's Feed The Animals. It's almost impossible to explain (a song will include 10 seconds of the Carpenter's overlayed with Nelly which morphs into T-Pain and then the Eagles). Download the album for free or pay what you want here.
  • If a lunch includes more than three people, you will learn nothing of interest. And three people is pushing it.
  • I hit my snooze button three times this morning. Odd for me. But I positioned myself where the clock would be in arm reach when it went off again.
  • My Netflix rentals have come to a screeching halt for the last three months. Jogging outside is the problem.
  • Last week I tried to sign up the White Rock Half Marathon but it was sold out. That depressed me. Is it really that much more trouble to open up a race to a few thousand more people?
  • Paris Hilton hasn't done anything crazy in a while.
  • Do they still sell cigarettes in vending machines?
  • Carbonated drinks burn my mouth, but I still drink them.
  • I know a handful of people that graduated from Bridgeport and Texas Tech. This is a heck of a football weekend for them. Both schools are unbeaten with everything on the line this weekend.
  • You always hear the advice of: Find out what you love and then get a job in that area. I wonder how many people actually do that? One percent?
  • I found some high tone silky pajama bottoms that I hadn't seen in three years last night.
  • Read in the Star Telegram that Tiger Woods was in town this week for two days shooting a commercial at Colonial. He stayed in the Ashton Hotel (place looks nice) but the article also said he took a "jog downtown." Not so sure I believe the last part.
  • CNN just had a news flash that oil dropped below $50 a barrel this morning. It was $147 in July. Remember when they were telling us it was just "supply and demand"? Riiiiighttttt.
  • Someone sent me a link with about 200 pictures of Texas Tech girls. The one above is from that collection.
  • Someone used www.letmegooglethatforyou.com in a response below. That's funny.