Now This, I'm Interested In

The trial is about to begin where the federal government is prosecuting Lori Drew for allegedly making up a fake identity of a boy, and then befriending and breaking up with a teenage neighbor, Megan Meier, on Myspace. Megan then hung herself. First, the feds have no business being involved in this. If the State authorities didn't want to take the case, butt out. This is your federal government trying to imprison this lady. We're going to blame Lori Drew because Megan decided to hang herself because she was rejected online? That's the reason to kill yourself? Finally, Megan's mom is a nutcase who can't keep away from a television camera. Her hatred of Lori Drew is perhaps understandable, but she is completely over the top. And she might want to look in the mirror and consider her parenting skills since she raised a daughter which couldn't handle simply being a teenager.