Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Big win by TCU last night over BYU, and a huge comeback by the Red Sox over the not-devil Rays. And I didn't see either.
  • One more reference to "Joe the Plumber" and I'm going to off myself
  • And some plumber in Amarillo just happens to have a web site named www.joetheplumber.com . (And you can even join his mailing list to get "breaking news about our business.")
  • "I just lost $500 since now I won't get to prepare an occupational license" - what an overweight lawyer announced at a driver's license hearing in Fort Worth yesterday when an officer failed to show. That meant his client's driver's license would be saved from a suspension. I think (and hope) he could see the disgust in my eyes.
  • Want to see that "I Kissed A Girl" chick jump into a big old cake and then bust her arse? Sure you do.
  • Video of the day stolen from Silicone Alley here. And she had the funniest description: "fast forward to 2:15 and pray for the table."
  • Sometimes I pull up beside a flat bed truck on the highway and wonder if I could jump on it at full speed if I told my passenger to "grab the wheel."
  • When I said I had to mow my lawn one more time I should have added that I was going to hire a bunch of Chinese guys to do an orchestrated routine using grass recycling bags as part of the closing ceremony.
  • Phil King sure isn't worried about the general election.
  • I had almost forgotten about Spaghetti Cat.
  • I'm disturbed by the hunting shows on those obscure channels up in the 600s on DirecTV (which I probably can't get now anyway. Problem solved.)
  • I woke up in the middle of the night again last night. Then, with a bit of creepiness hanging in the room, I turned to look at the clock. Would it be 3:00 a.m. again? Nope: 2:56. Man, this is getting weird.
  • Fox 4 had another motorcycle death story this morning, but I don't see it on their web site yet. Edit: Here
  • Boss's Day was yesterday. It should be abandoned. And I also shouldn't force all our staff to put a crown on me while holding an offering of baked goods. It's just plain awkward.