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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

- The Messenger is reporting that the westbound lanes of 380 will open next week. Just like a thief in the night.
- The now former DA in Rockwall is going to hoosegow for four years (I can't imagine.) But you're not being told that he'll be eligible for parole once his real time plus good conduct time equals 15 12 months. Still, that's a long 15 months.
- Kids find the parachute of D.B. Cooper? I doubt it.
- American Idol news on Fox 4 beats me down.
- "Chelsea Clinton Bristles at Lewinsky Question" (youtube video)
- President Bush issued a few pardons (15) yesterday. Most of them are so odd - like the guy in Denton who served three years probation in 1985. Why him? I've got a whole file room of people I could recommend.
- An 18 year old Florida high school cheerleader died during breast surgery.
- I got an email inviting me to attend a Barnett Shale Expo. It's sponsored by the energy companies. Uh, no. Nor would I attend a "Know Your Rights" seminar sponsored by DPS.
- During an in-game interview with injured Dirk Nowitzki last night, Mark Cuban snuck up behind him and made the "rabbit ears" gesture. How that 10 year old man-child ever made a dime is beyond me. (Jump to last two seconds of this clip if interested.)
-The families of the victims of the Virginia Tech Massacre are being offered $100,000 to forego suing the State. Huh? Why? And some of the cash starved lawyers are saying they will reject it. Sheesh.
- Ann Curry is on my TV right now. Life force sucked out of me.


Anonymous said...

"About an hour and something into surgery paramedics were called and she was rushed to a medical center"?!?!?!? Note to self: Make sure all medical procedures requiring anesthesia are performed at a medical center of some kind.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why,but every time I see a picture of Tara Reid I think,"Man, I bet she's a good kisser." I'm so gay I make myself sick sometimes.

Anonymous said...

However you would go to a seminar on your rights sponsored by criminal defense lawyers. I heard an attorney on the radio a few months ago discussing dwi stops and what a citizen should do.
This pariticular attorney, who I assume is a defense attorney, stated that if you are stopped and have been drinking to lie to the officer and say you have had nothing to drink. I know that you would not do this and do not believe most defense attorneys would agree with this advice. The point I am making is don't jump to conclusions and assume the information you get from one particular side is automatically correct or incorrect just because they have a dog in the fight. YOU SIR are supposed to be an open minded and fair liberal open to dialogue not a jackbooted Nazi condemning without listening. Here is another thought. If I continually call you an a-hole will you eventually act like an a-hole to me. I believe so. If you continually tells officers/the state that they are a-holes (i.e. cannot be trusted to tell the truth, out to get you for no reason, etc.) and they at some point act this way towards you are you somewhat to blame? Not saying this is appropriate or even legal behavior on the part of the state and saying that the state should rise above this behavior but this is the real world and don't you sometimes get what you ask for.

Anonymous said...

RE: Barnett Shale. No breakout session on the rights of surface owners. Oh, that's right - they have no rights.

atvtrlrdr said...

I'd kiss her.....lips???

Any other word and this would not have been published.

bigfan said...

Tara Reid is trailer park HOT!!!!

Inovermehead said...

Could you imagine how cool it would be to have Tara as your ole lady in the trailer park? She'd be staggering around half dressed while smoking a cig. all day. Wow,you would be THE MAN!
Know what? While I'm on the subject,remember the wedding pic from Brownsville Barry posted the other day? I can't help but wish I'd married some ugly ole big canned chick with a heart of gold right out of high school,no make that IN school. The highlight of my life would a 6 pack after work at the feed store and watching my spawn eat dirt in the yard while I work on some old pickup and lighting farts with some goober I'd been friends with since first grade.
What a dream,please don't wake me.

AnObiter said...

I received an invitation in the mail for the Barnett Shale Expo also; I'd rather go to the dentist.

Anonymous said...

Good for Chelsea!!!It was rude and it is not anyone's business.

Anonymous said...

Had a dog looked like that once. don't think the owner knows still.

Anonymous said...

The talk is that Bill Nelson will be decked out in a clown suit and release thousands of balloons prior to the opening of 380 west.

Anonymous said...

Shame on you eleven forty five - big oil could be presented by Midland Bush and Haliburton Cheney. Heck even the powerful powerful powerful Phil King will likely be there as well as the

..Wise County Republican women.


Anonymous said...

is it just me? or does Chelsea look more like Jennifer Flowers than Hillary or Bill?