From A Terminal At DFW

  • WiFi access is nerdy, but cool.
  • Security is a breeze (seems better than ever)
  • I still feel stupid taking off my shoes and belt and walking a few feet
  • What's a man gotta do to find a chicken sandwich in this place?
  • People in the next gate over are going to LaGuardia in New York. Sounds cool.
  • There's a 50 year old lady that looks 60 sleeping in a "massage recliner" in front of me. She's supposed to put in $5.00 but I think she just commandeered it free of charge.
  • I was able to access my desktop computer in my office via gotomypc.com (I subscribe). That's very cool. But I'm locked out of my database and my (normally wonderful) secretary won't answer my email.