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Jail Population As Of 8/1/06

Even when you click it, it is hard to read. But, the best I can tell, we have 55 people awaiting felony trials (both regular felonies and "state jail" felonies) and 28 people awaiting misdemeanor trials. (I can't tell how many of those are probation violation allegations.) It looks like 20 people are serving a county jail sentence (post trial or plea) and 13 people are awaiting to be shipped to the state prison system (post trial or plea). Total local inmate population is 133 with an additional 35 being held for other counties on a contract basis. But with the new jail, that only brings up to 51% capacity. My math could be wrong. (And some of the above figures just don't sound right to me.) The pdf file for the above graphic is here. (Oh, yeah, I bet the vast majority of them are drug users - there has to be a better way.)