The Campaign For DA


Random Tired Head Thoughts

  • Back in the hotel. Managed to get home in time to watch the end of the Texas - Ohio State game in hotel bar. Good times.
  • In said establishment we're a bunch of 50+ year old Cowboy fans actually wearing Cowboy jerseys. But they seemed well spoken, albeit loudly well spoken, and well groomed. The leader of the bunch had a Bob Lilly jersey on and wouldn't shut up about the virtues of Bob Lilly. I thought about killing him.
  • Walked down to the Jacksonville Station to get some food only to find out that all the food court places were closed. However, a dance club, a popular one, was in full gear so I got to watch a bunch of folks walk towards it dressed to kill. Triple good times.
  • The Riverwalk here on the St. John's is spectacular. But it may be the break up capital of the world. Along the way I saw the following people on a cell phone: (1) One 50 year old guy saying, "I think you should go to sleep and we'll talk about it in the morning," and (2) a pretty hip black guy saying, "Baby, people just grow apart."
  • I thought there was an excellent chance that the Cowboys would be staying here. It's close to the stadium and pretty nice. So far, I haven't seen Bill Parcells' belly in the elevator.