Experiment Time

With a great deal of regret, I'll go into an experimental phase of prohibiting comments for (hopefully) a limited period of time. I'm not sure what has happened, but those comments have risen to a level of viciousness and crudeness that has even shocked the unshockable me. And I hate that. The comments, in my opinion, had been far more interesting than my content, and I know most people love checking them. But when anonymous hatred and bitterness permeates this stupid little hobby of mine, then the fun for me quickly diminishes. But a pattern has developed. Those that are willing to assign themselves a name (and, heaven forbid, a photo) become dog-piled to such an extent that they no longer post. I'm not even sure they stick around to read The Blog once they've stopped. And I certainly believe the current atmosphere is such that no one new would want to jump into the pile. I certainly wouldn't. But when jokes about incest and deceased babies appear alongside language that Tony Soprano would condemn, then it's time to reel this thing back in. And, too, it is personal for me. I'm simply tired of cringing as I worry about the reaction of friends and family that expect more of me than to let this go on. And, perhaps, it's time I expect more of myself. So, with that, let this become Red China and the censorship will begin . . . . . After this post.