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Movie Review: Jarhead

Story: The film follows a group of marines as they travel to Saudi Arabia and eventually into Kuwait in the battle with Iraq named Desert Storm. Notably starring: Jake Gyllenhaal (from Brokeback Mountain), Jamie Fox (from everything) and Lucas Black (the quarterback from Friday Night Lights) Assessment: It seems more like and educational film than a drama - as we learn the boredom of sitting in the desert for two months and never getting to fire a shot. Coolest scene: The marines walking at night through a field of oil wells that had been set afire. What I Had Forgot: How fearful the troops where of a chemical gas attack by Iraq. Check it Out?: Yeah. It's worth the rental.


LoveLit said...

It's been in my DVD player for weeks, and I've yet to play it. I'll try to find time to push play this week. And after watching "Brokeback Mtn." I have a new respect for the amazing acting abilities of Jake Gyllenhal.

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen either one of them, but he is HOT!