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David Blaine To Die . . . Or Not

I really haven't been following magic-man David Blaine as he has been submerged in a big sphere full of water at Rockefeller Center all week long, but he is on live TV tonight as he ends his ordeal by trying to hold his breath for 9 minutes while under water. I think he'll be strapped in chains or something like that. I notice that ABC has blocked out two hours for this. I'll check out the results after the hype is over. Edit: As I watch him hold his breath at the 2:34 mark, I can't help but being irritated by his "coach" who is constantly talking. "Easy, David. Relax. Relax." I had a flashback to Caddyshack where Chevy Chase was helping Danny Noonan hit a golf ball while blindfolded. "I could if you'd stop talking."