It's The First Time Mark Cuban Didn't Act Like A Billionaire

The NBA has a salary cap and a penalty for going over the cap. That is, for every dollar that a team spends on salaries over the pre-set cap ($61.7 million), the owner of the team must contribute to a league fund an amount equal to the amount his team is over the cap. That brings us to Michael Finley of the Dallas Mavericks. Under a one-time exception to the new collective bargaining agreement, each NBA club was allow to release one player. If done, the team would still have to pay that player pursuant to that player's contract, but the owner would not have to pay the salary cap penalty that the player's salary would have caused. Finley was released last night. Over the next three years he will get $50 million for doing nothing. And although owner Mark Cuban has to pay the salary, he will not have to pay another $50 million in salary cap penalties. That's why Finley was released. I want to be Michael Finley.