Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Texas
    Hospitalizations: This is will stop rising. Someday. Maybe.

    Still wonky reporting from the weekend. Expect a numbers explosion today
    when we to catch up.
  • Wise County Active cases: 49 (an all time record and 9 above yesterday's record). As always, these numbers are suspect. We've got more than that. 
  • I think there are more people scheduled to be at the Wise County Courthouse today than at any time in the last four months. (The dockets went out way before the recent crazy jump in COVID-19 cases.)
  • The federal government released a list (that's a searchable database link) of 660,000 firms who received a don't-have-to-pay-it-back PPP loan of at least $150,000. That's a whole lot of businesses gettin' them a piece of socialism, right? And get this: That's only 15% of the whole PPP pie. 
    • My favorite on the list: Robert Jeffress' First Baptist Church of Dallas which got between $2 million and $5 million (the government just gave a range and not a specific amount) in order to pay 293 employees.
    • There were 12,473 churches on that list who received your taxpayer money. So much for the separation of church and state.
  • A part-time assistant DA in Decatur was arrested for DWI over the weekend.  I hate it because I like the guy. He's honest, respected, and good at his job. But it's newsworthy.
  • It's 2020 and the President of the United States doesn't have a position on the Confederate flag. It was like an episode of the Twilight Zone yesterday. 
  • Just like I led the way in explaining Zeke Elliott's contract, let me explain Patrick Mahomes "record breaking 12 year, $500 million contact."  As always in the NFL, the key is the guaranteed money. Mahomes should care about how much he's going to get if he gets hurt or (miraculously) cut at any point.  In this case, it's weird.  In the beginning the guaranteed amount changes from year to year.  After year five, the deal basically become this: We can cut you at any time but we will have to pay you $40-$45 million once we do.  If the contract ends anytime during the first five years, the amount is significantly bigger. 
  • Look at how much ultra-conservative Empower Texans PAC money man Farris Wilks is handing over to try and get his son-in-law elected to Congress. 
  • The Texas bar exam was cancelled, but it will be offered online in October. I would have been crushed to have it cancelled three weeks before it was supposed to occur since I would have had at least six weeks of full time studying already invested.  In barely-related news, I learned that Virginia makes those sitting for the bar wear "court-appropriate attire" (although they'll let you leave the tie at home this year since tens of thousands of people in the country are dying.) And the tone of this notice makes me think that the person(s) who wrote it is insufferable. 
  • Ticket fans: This morning, Junior Miller talked about his trip to Colorado and his curiosity about the "Ludlow Massacre" since he passed a sign about it on the highway. After I made that trip last year, I made Ludlow a bullet point. He also compared it to Tienanmen Square which, as long time listeners know, I have a picture of Tank Man hanging on my office wall. Weird. Or not.