Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Zeke Elliott and the Cowboys are being sued for $20 million after a 2017 wreck that Zeke was involved in.  The lawyer is Lawrence Friedman out of Dallas. Here are the opening paragraphs of the lawsuit and a photo of the wreck. Spare me. 
  • It dawned on me that the small law firm even made a Liberally Lean bullet point last month. Yep. same lawyer
  • There was a great brawl at an MLB game last night and it's worth taking at a look single-handedly going and attacking an entire team. (Video.) That's Amir Garrett who is 6'6".
  • DFW Airport is raising it's "pass through" airport fee to $6 -- that's where you go straight through and use it as a tollway. I'll swear in the 1980s that there was no fee so long as you could get through the airport in, say, fifteen minutes or less. 
  • Wise County game wardens have been busy based upon these cases filed yesterday.
    (Not a smooth perator?)
  • I didn't watch the Democratic debate last night, but I heard Elizabeth Warren killed John Delaney as the power of the split screen of the two was dramatic.  Someone also created this after that moment. 
  • There was a very weird Trump moment in Virginia yesterday which isn't getting much press. Trump has names spelled out phonetically on his teleprompter from time to time so he won't mispronounce them. That's not unusual. What is weird is for Trump, for some unexplained reason, to say out loud the phonetic spelling to the audience. In this case, the teleprompter told him to pronounce "George Wythe" as "George With." But he then spelled out "With" as "W-I-T-H." Watch it. What's even more bizarre is the official White House transcript didn't even bother to protect him and actually pointed out his error.
  • We have another crazy crime story out of my two favorite criminal justice places: Williamson County and Waco. I love the defense lawyer's comment: "They arrested him for sending a candy bar." That case is DOA. 
  • I've liked Elton John ever since I was a kid. I had no idea about this:
  • Buried in the Messenger: There are nineteen current active health insurance claims by county employees for $50,000 or more. Insurance reps say the number should be around five based upon the size of the insured group. (Support local journalism.)
  • Another Zeke Elliott contract note: He is scheduled to make $3 million this year. Nothing can be done about that. This contract year can't be torn up or renegotiated. It's part of the mandatory four year rookie contract deal which had a non-negotiable salary slot. It's the player's union who needs a new contract. (Side note: Dak Prescott is stuck with $2 million this year.) 
  • The Cowboys are valued at $5,000,000,000.00.
  • On the way to Colorado I saw a sign for the Ludlow Massacre Memorial. I had never heard of it. Good lord. Just the government murdering U.S. citizens for striking over working conditions. (One of life's modern miracles was simply turning to Mrs. LL and asking her to Google it as we passed by.)
  • Messenger: Above The Fold.