Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Wise County active cases: 40 (but it hasn't been updated in over 48 hours)
  • Texas:
    The hospital numbers are still rising 

    Daily new case numbers will be wonky because of holiday weekend reporting
  • Wait a second!
  • So the resumption of sports is going to happen without a hitch? (1) The Milwaukee Bucks and Sacramento Kings have shut down their practices before heading to the "bubble" because of positive cases.  (2) Below is a shot of the Seattle Mariners eating lunch together while social distancing at their abbreviated spring training. As those teams are going to get on planes for a 60 game season? (3) The quote of the weekend: “Sports are like the reward of a functional society.”
  • Someone needs to tell Trump he doesn't need the Klan vote.  Getting passed that Bubba Wallace had nothing to do with the noose controversy, he just hugged and kissed the Confederate flag. What a crazy hill to die on. Even Mississippi has turned on the Confederate flag.
  • The Supreme Court is about to rule on whether he has to release his taxes. That could come as early at 9:00 a.m. today. He's already on the brink of losing his mind. That could be the tipping point. 
  • Alan Dershowitz has always acted very odd about his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein. And it doesn't help when he tweets out things like this. Harvard Law's reputation takes a hit when one of its most notable graduates and professors (1) uses "hereby" in a tweet like it has some magical meaning, and (2) thinks he needs to "waive any right of privacy" in videos that he supposedly is not in. 
  • Junior's girlfriend has caught the 'Rona. She had just spoken at a gathering in South Dakota after attending a (maskless) high tone party in the Hamptons. 
  • At least he was polite after giving his order

  • Look, no one is going to get a ticket for not wearing a mask as required by Gov. Abbott's executive order -- especially in Wise County. And, per the order, you are supposed to only get a warning for a first offense.  Here's a legal question: How can can a ticket or warning be given if a cop doesn't have the authority to even momentarily "detain" anyone in violation of the order?  Answer: It can't be. Abbott is flying be the seat of his pants.
  • As of late last night, there's a bass boat at the bottom of Lake Bridgeport if anyone wants it. 

  • Fireworks!
  • The UT football player, DeMarvion Overshown, who announced late last week that he was boycotting playing until "changes" were made posted a screenshot of a reaction to his announcement.
  • I've watched the first full season of The Leftovers, and I have no idea if I love it or hate it.
  • Very random sports flashback for you old-timers out there: Quick loading video of Joe Theisman returning a punt. I had no idea.
  • Ticket fans only: Here's a clip of Mike Rhyner being interviewed by Julie Dobbs saying he left because "the station was no longer going to be able to play to my strengths and that I was going to be able to do the thing that I do. And it was just time for me to jump off and see if I could do it somewhere else and that's what's going to happen."