Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Wise County Active Cases: 49. It's ties the record.  And although it's just a small sample of data since we've resumed getting new numbers from the State, but this trend is not good.   
  • Texas: Hospitalizations continue to rise, and my predicted explosion of the reporting of new cases because of the holiday weekend came true. 

  • Trump said yesterday that he'll "put pressure" of the States to open schools this fall.  He has no guidelines to offer, yet he just wants to damn the torpedoes and try to force us into normalcy two months before an election in the middle of a pandemic. I don't know if it is safe to open schools or not, but safety isn't even a factor he is considering.
  • He' just 65 but  "falls" and has to be taken by ambulance to a hospital last month and we aren't told about it? The official line is that it is not related to at least two seizures he has suffered in the past. Oh, it seems fitting that the the leader of a court that we depend on to ensure justice and equality fell at a country club.
  • The original extreme "And Another" has died.  I had forgotten how absolutely wild the facts of that case were. (She later married the kid and they stayed married from 2004 to 2019 which is a longer run than a lot of us have had).
  • "You minion delegates go ahead and cozy up to one another. As for those of us you have elected, we'll just do this remotely if that's OK. But we're all in this together 100%!"
  • My alarms go off whenever I hear "our heritage" these days. 
  • With each passing day, I don't think college football is going to happen this fall. OU and Texas are going to play a football game in an empty stadium surrounded by a State Fair which was cancelled due to health concerns? I don't see it happening. 
  • "Miami lawyer wears hazmat uniform to federal court for sentencing hearing." He's either seriously concerned or he is doing a bit in protest of the court being in session. I think I would have slapped on a tie to make my intentions even more ambiguous.
  • Since I did an Old Timer's football note yesterday, I'll do another. It's this guy's birthday today. He's the first player I ever remember who I absolutely hated but also wanted him to be on my team. 
  • Here's a hot grocery opinion: Fruit, already cut up and packaged, is ridiculously expensive. 
  • Messenger: Above the Fold